Ten Reasons Why a Local Business Needs Vehicle Wraps

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Over the years, digital marketing has transformed how entrepreneurs get their message across to their target audience. Because of this, many traditional advertising mediums are becoming less relevant, while some are now obsolete. Despite all of these changes, vehicle wraps in Chicago are still effective in promoting businesses and bringing long-term benefits.

Why Invest in Vinyl Wrapped Vehicles?

Custom vehicle wraps are made from extremely heavy-duty vinyl that is resistant to fading, scratches, and other damage caused by outdoor elements. They convert regular company vehicles into mobile billboards that make a statement in the streets of Chicago. Here are 10 reasons why you should include them in your marketing efforts:

  1. Efficient advertising: With Chicago vinyl wraps, you simultaneously advertise your brand while driving around town, delivering supplies, transporting goods, parking in public places, and performing other business-related duties. 
  2. 24/7 marketing: There are no limits to how often you showcase your vehicle advertisements, the number and types of people you can reach, and places you can promote your company.
  3. Daily impressions: By driving around Chicago, you will be able to generate hundreds, if not thousands of impressions each day. You will also find more opportunities to reach potential customers that don’t live or work near your establishment or those who have not seen your advertisements in the past. In fact, based on a study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), each of these signs generates 16 million impressions annually.
  4. Budget-friendly: With the right signage supplier, your customized business car wraps can last from up to 10 to 15 years with few repairs needed. They also have the least expensive cost per thousand impressions compared to other advertising modes.
  5. Non-intrusive promotion: Consumers negatively respond to companies that are overly aggressive with their advertisements and sales efforts. Out of frustration, they may ignore said brands and switch to competitors. You certainly don’t want this to happen to your business. One way to effectively advertise your products and services without being intrusive is by investing in vehicle wraps that simply pass by consumers or vice versa.
  6. Brand retention: According to experts, vinyl wraps improve brand recognition 15 times more than other types of advertising. Moreover, by being regularly visible in the streets of Chicago, you are subconsciously ingraining the brand to consumers, which can affect their purchase decisions in the future. In fact, studies show that there is a 97% recall rate on vehicle wraps.
  7. Eye-catching: Based on a study by 3M and the American Trucking Association, 91% of a company’s target audience notice both text and graphics on vinyl wraps. In another study, they learned that vinyl-wrapped vehicles generate 2.5 times more attention than on-location signs.
  8. Lead conversion and increased foot traffic: According to the Arbitron National In-Car Study, 29% of consumers have reported visiting a commercial facility after seeing their outdoor advertisements.
  9. Protect the original paint job of your car: Full fleet wraps double as a protective layer that shields your vehicle’s original paint from various weather conditions. Vinyl wrap removal does not cause any damage either.
  10. Maximize assets: Vinyl wraps enable you to make the most out of existing vehicles that your company owns, from trucks and vans to sedans and buses.

Your Trusted Source of the Best Vehicle Wraps “Near Me”

Windy City Signs & Graphics is a leading signage manufacturer for businesses located in Chicago and nearby areas. As industry experts, we will create strategic designs that are impactful enough to convert leads and ultimately bring you profit. With our high-tech fabrication equipment and seamless installation, you can expect to have wrapped vehicles that are nothing but spectacular.

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