Building Signs

We design and manufacture building signs in Chicago. A customer’s first point of contact with your business is usually through your building’s façade and storefront. Want to make a memorable first impression through building signs? Windy City Signs and Graphics is here to help!

If you are looking for ways to catch more attention and interest to increase sales, invest in high-quality building signs. These make you stand out from the competition. Grab the attention of your target customers with promotional signs or establish your brand as an industry leader with a logo sign.

If you need a reliable sign shop in Chicago, IL, we deliver custom business signs to meet your marketing objectives. Contact Windy City Signs and Graphics today at 312-448-7556 and talk to one of our building signs experts today!

Building Custom Signs

Not all businesses are the same. This means every business sign requirement is unique as well. In order to produce building sign solutions that fit your specific needs, we look into the following:

To ensure that we deliver impactful building signs, our building sign experts do ample research. We check your surroundings, available space size, installation options, neighboring signage, and many others. We handle every aspect of custom sign making, from design, production, installation to maintenance. We also provide assistance with getting the required local permits for your signs in Chicago.

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Exterior Building Sign Options

Our outdoor sign options are extensive cater to your business needs. Our sign experts make sure that we recommend sign options that best reflect what your brand stands for.

We understand that no two business signs are the same, and we aim to provide you with custom building signs that match your branding and requirements. Even if you want to use a sign type similar to another business, our customization options will still make yours stand out.

Channel Letters and Dimensional Letters

Whenever you need to increase brand visibility or promote a professional environment, channel letters and dimensional letters are a great option. Whether your facility is in a crowded area or in a hard to reach location, these signs can help you send out the right message.

Help your business stand out with elegant channel letters and dimensional letters. Boost employee morale and promote a team-building atmosphere using custom building signs. These are best applied in:

Illuminated Business Signs

Do you want to gain more visibility? Are you looking to create a building façade that is attractive even at night? Channel letter signs lit using LED lights are a great building sign option for you. Lighting options such as spotlights, lighting boxes, diffuse light, and halo lights make your sign shine bright.

These are perfect to use on signs for businesses that operate late into the night, such as:

Hanging Signs, Projecting Signs, and Blade Signs

These signs are installed perpendicular to the building instead of being attached against a flat surface. Hanging, projecting, and blade signs can be backlit cabinet signs or made of other custom materials such as metal, wood, or HDU foam. For a clearer message, these signs are usually best combined with other storefront signs and directional signs.

Awning and Canopy Signs

Awning signs are a great option if you want to spread brand awareness as well as protect your storefront from inclement weather. Stretched canvas material is used between the building and protruding support to make awnings. The canopy’s shape, size, and material can be customized based on your requirements.

For a more long-lasting custom building sign in Chicago, IL, choose a durable material that is fade-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. If you want a classy, boutique-like feel for your hotel or open-air restaurants, canopy and awning signs are the way to go.

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At Windy City Signs and Graphics, we have experienced sign experts that can create meaningful signs for you to achieve your business goals. Our team is on deck to provide high-quality building signs for your Chicago, IL business.

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External building signs are usually fabricated from metal, vinyl, plastic, Dura wood, other highly weather-resistant materials.

Windy City’s signage professionals can give you a better overview of how much it would cost you to get commercial building signs depending on factors such as their design, dimensions, and materials.

Yes, the local government mandates the importance of acquiring sign permits first before putting up outdoor business signs.

If you want your signage to last for a long time and be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, you can choose to have them manufactured with Dimond, aluminum, vinyl, or Dura-wood.

With professional maintenance, their average lifespan is between three to five years. For signs made from rust and dust-resistant materials such as aluminum, you can expect them to last even longer.