Healthcare Signs and Graphics For Waiting Rooms and Doctor's in Chicago

Outdoor healthcare and medical facility signage in Chicago is essential to ensuring patients are able to find and receive proper medical care in a timely fashion. While all businesses require wayfinding and directional signage, these two signs become incredibly valuable within a hospital setting. Windy City Signs & Graphics has worked alongside local health centers for years and is one of the best places to turn if you need healthcare signage. 

Create a Consistent and Soothing Brand with Healthcare Signage

Healthcare facilities receive a high amount of traffic daily from vendors, staff, visitors, and patients, which means they need comprehensive sign solutions. Branded hospital signs that are consistent help soothe patients while providing important directional information to staff and patients. 

Smart healthcare signs help boost the visibility of a health center’s brand while also providing easy navigational cues and an excellent experience to patients. Healthcare is very competitive these days, so accurate and accessible signage is a great way to ensure all visitors and patients maintain a strong impression of your services.

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Indoor Signs for Hospital

Healthcare facilities have a unique set of sign needs because they need directional, marketing, ADA-compliant, OSHA, and safety signs. Signs serve a variety of purposes, and most of them are regulated carefully for the safety of staff and patients. Therefore, they need to be created and installed professionally by a sign company that has proven it’s up to the task. Windy City Signs & Graphics is that company.

In addition, vinyl lettering can be used to create soothing designs that will calm patients in waiting areas or lobby areas of a hospital. Lobby signs near reception areas are another great way to emphasize facility branding while providing directional cues to patients and visitors as they navigate the area. 

We are ready to assist with many types of signs, including:

Outdoor Hospital & Medical Center Signs

As a custom indoor and outdoor healthcare signage company, we offer more than just indoor signs to our customers. Hospitals have unique outdoor signage needs because their facilities need to be instantly recognizable and simple to find. Bold channel letters and strong building signs can turn them into shining meccas at night. 

Some of our outdoor sign options include:

Whether you need one replacement sign or you’re ready to update your entire signage strategy, we are the Chicago outdoor healthcare sign company you will need. Contact Windy City Signs & Graphics to talk more about your signage needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Acrylic signs are made of a transparent cast polymer. They look just like glass, but unlike glass are far more durable and resistant to shattering. Acrylic is also referred to by some proprietary trade names, including ‘Plexiglas,’ ‘plexiglass,’ and ‘perspex.’ Acrylic signage is popular with Chicago businesses because it looks premium at an affordable price.

Do you like elegant glass elements in a sign? That’s almost definitely acrylic you’re looking at. Unlike glass, acrylic is designed to handle the wear and tear of a commercial environment. It can be shaped easily, and it’s available in a wide range of colors.

Best of all, acrylic makes the sign look upscale while keeping the price affordable.

Absolutely, acrylic signs are the “unbreakable” versions of glass (not literally, but they’re really strong). We only source high-quality acrylic from suppliers like Uline, which ensures our signs look better and last longer.

There’s no time limit on how your acrylic will last! In fact, we’ve never heard from any customer that any of our acrylic signs broke or became disfigured through normal wear and tear. We recently got a request from a customer who wanted to take down their acrylic signs because they were shifting offices – after eight years!

Indoor acrylic signs can handle the occasional spill with no problem at all. Just use a soft, dry cloth to wipe away the liquid gently. Be careful not to scratch the printed image. Outdoor signs with acrylic elements are designed to handle rainfall and snowfall. We use sealants to prevent water seepage from joints.

If you notice any water damage to your sign, contact us immediately.

Yes, acrylic is a popular glass replacement in outdoor signs. In fact, if you see a transparent fascia, you’re almost definitely looking at an acrylic panel, not glass. Acrylic is impact-resistant, durable, and waterproof. Our outdoor acrylic signs are treated with UV films to reduce the risk of discoloration because of direct sunlight.

Yes, untreated acrylic can turn yellow after prolonged exposure to artificial indoor lighting and sunlight. That’s why we use acrylic treated with an ultraviolet stabilizer that can prevent yellowing. In fact, our signs have been used for over a decade without any noticeable yellowing.

Be warned! Ammonia-based cleaners and alcohol-based sprays can damage the coating and cause it to discolor unevenly.

A small 8” x 3” sign can cost under $50, while a large indoor sign can cost over $1,000. Note that UV-resistant coatings, personalized shapes, and specialized mounting options can cost more. Price does not include shipping and installation.

Tell us about your signage needs today and get an accurate estimate for your project.