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We Wrap Trucks With Printed Graphics in Chicago, IL

Businesses that have company trucks and vehicles have a unique marketing tool on their hands. Need to advertise your business and build brand awareness in your area? Commercial vehicles that have custom truck wraps and graphics are a great way to do this. Adding your logo, contact details, and info on products and services while your vehicles go out for service calls and deliveries will let you get the business exposure you need.

Wraps can help your business project an image of credibility and leadership. Get your brand far and wide with wrapped trucks, pick-ups, company cars, and vans. Having a fleet that displays your brand makes your company look more professional and consistent.

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Marketing Your Brand to New Heights

Custom truck wraps by Windy City Signs and Graphics, Chicago help your business grab attention on the road. Let your commercial vehicles stand out from the sea of traffic and generate valuable leads for your company. Wraps are a great way to create thousands of impressions per day without breaking the bank.

Apart from visibility, custom vehicle wraps also give consistent branding to your business. Showcasing your brand consistently on the road provides your business with amazing recall and industry association. This is helpful since, more often than not, we encounter the same people on the road every day.

Brand consistency and visibility through truck wraps are the perfect way to get recognized and remembered in your local market. In time, this will turn into an increase in sales and profit.

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Custom Truck Wraps for Your Business Needs

Windy City Signs and Graphics in Chicago understands that not all businesses are the same. Every company has its own character, and its messaging reflects those unique qualities to target customers. Custom vinyl wraps allow you to reflect that unique message, attracting potential customers in a professional way.

We focus on designing wraps that include brand elements to make it one-of-a-kind. Windy City Signs and Graphics ensures your truck decals, wraps, and magnets advertise your product and service offerings the right way. We guarantee attention-grabbing and extensive wraps!

Below are some services we design, manufacture, and install here at Windy City Signs and Graphics:

Complete Vehicle Wrap Provider

Aside from being excellent branding tools, truck decals also offer a lot of practical function. Commercial vehicles are usually a significant business investment. Adding vinyl wraps can significantly improve your vehicle’s lifespan and increase its resale value.

To provide a layer of protection for the original body paint, we only use high-quality vinyl for our wraps. This allows your vehicle to be safe from road wear, inclement weather as well as any scratches and dents you might get on the road.

Protecting your car and getting your desired finish requires proper vinyl wrap installation. This guarantees we improve the overall vehicle wrap lifespan. We have experienced installers on deck that can help carefully install wraps. Our goal is to exceed your expectations through the proper vehicle and trim handling.

Full-Service Truck Wrap Company in chicago

We are a full-service wrapping company that provides these complete services:

To ensure we don’t damage your vehicle’s original paint, we only use high-quality materials and adhesives such as those from major manufacturers like 3M.

We also offer service maintenance for existing vehicle wraps that you may have. We’ll help you keep it looking perfect and new.

Vinyl Truck Graphics Wrapping Services for Chicago

We are committed to helping you market and advertise your business in Chicago, IL. We offer a wide selection of high-quality signage perfect for your business. We also do:

If you need a local sign maker that delivers high-quality signs and graphics that fit your budget while giving you positive results, Windy City Signs and Graphics is here for you. We also accept bulk and last-minute sign projects.

Let us help your business get thousands of impressions a day. Contact us at 312-448-7556 and speak to a truck expert today for free!