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You may often see yard signs in your Chicago local community, whether you are a motorist, cyclist, or pedestrian. However, have you ever stopped to think that those custom yard signs and lawn signs could be promoting your business?

Yard signs in Chicago are an effective and affordable marketing tool. They can be used to announce an event, highlight your company, provide information, and many more uses. However, only the best designed yard signs will stand out. That’s why it’s essential to have a yard sign company in Chicago for professional assistance.

In Chicago, your trusted yard signage company is Windy City Signs & Graphics. We are a full-service sign shop that can help your business craft effective yard and bandit signs in Chicago. Together, our team will work with you to highlight your brand and expand your business reach with signage solutions that deliver results.

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Types of Promotional Yard Signs

There are many types of yard signs to choose from. Custom yard sign printing on both sides of the sign panel will generate maximum exposure for your messaging. Plus, there are a variety of stand types to suit your placement needs.
Signage can be created to suit a range of business purposes, including:

Don’t see the type of signage you’re looking for above? Reach out to our team at Windy City Signs & Graphics to discuss your business needs. 

Custom Lawn sign to support healthcare worker in Chicago

Custom Print Lawn Signs For Business

When you choose to work with our yard signs company in Chicago, you will benefit from individualized attention and personalized results. Our team will work with you to create compelling lawn signage that’s specific to your brand. We will incorporate your company’s logo, fonts, colors, and images so that each sign becomes a touchpoint for your business.

Not sure what to include on your sign panels? Our well-trained team can help. They understand best practices when it comes to design. They can assist with designs that will stand out from a distance and succinct messaging that compels people to act.

If design isn’t your strong suit, not to worry. You can rely on our team to craft compelling creatives while you continue to focus on your business.  

Political & Campaign Signs

Whether you are promoting an event, selling a home, or sharing important community information, political and campaign signs will deliver. They are a highly beneficial signage solution for brands looking to build a customer base in the local community. Their visibility also makes them effective at communicating with local residents when it comes to political messages, construction, safety notices, and more. 

Your Trusted Partner for Yard Signs, Lawn Signs, and Bandit Signs in Chicago

Help your business stand out from the crowd with impressive bandit signage in your community. Windy City Signs & Graphics is your trusted partner for effective yard signage solutions. In addition to yard signs and lawn signs, we also offer a range of signage options for indoors and outdoors, along with vehicle wraps.

We offer comprehensive signage solutions for your business, creating multiple touchpoints for your brand while boosting your business. Plus, our process includes end-to-end support, from design and manufacturing to installation and maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lawn signs, H-frame signs, real estate signs, and election signs—yard signs go by many names. No matter what you call them, they are some of the most cost-effective advertising signs you can get. Their low cost, easy installation, and appeal mean they offer unbeatable value.

The secret to designing effective yard signs is to keep it simple. Yard signs have small sign faces (usually no larger than 1’ x 2’), meaning you need to use the space efficiently. Here are some tips from our designers:

  • Keep your message short.
  • Keep graphics simple.
  • Provide a clear offer.

That depends on how long you plan to install your signs. For signs that you expect to last a few months, coroplast offers a great compromise between cost and durability. Wood is better for signs you expect to use for about a year or so. If you’re unsure which material is right for you, talk to us. We help everyone from business owners to marketing firms find cost-effective options.

Custom yard signs will vary in price based on several factors like materials and sizing. You can contact our team of experts today to get a free quote.

There’s little that can beat yard signs when it comes to local advertising. That’s why they are so popular with real estate agents, service providers, and campaigners. To make the most of your sign, make sure you have an enticing offer and a clear call to action (like a phone number or website).

Yard signs can handle spills, splashes, and moderate rainfall with no problem at all. That said, prolonged exposure to moisture will damage the coroplast and reduce the lifespan of the sign. Wooden signs are more weather-proof, and we seal the wood against moisture damage. If you want to maximize the life of your sign, wipe off the moisture with a soft dry cloth.

Lawn signs—like the ones planted in the grass by your local realtor or utility company—have two parts: the sign face made of coroplast and the supports made of steel wire or plastic. Coroplast (corrugated plastic) is a very popular material because it’s inexpensive, durable, and offers a great canvas for printing the design on.

There’s no expiry date on yard signs, so, technically, yard signs can last years. That said, wind, rainfall, and debris can reduce the lifespan of the sign. Practically, expect your signs to last anywhere from 8-12 weeks, depending on the conditions where you have installed the sign.

Technically, yes, you can sublimate/laminate yard signs to protect the sign face. However, it’s not something we’ll advise for a couple of reasons:

  • Our signs are already designed to be water-resistant.
  • Lamination will reduce the sign’s legibility (especially when it starts to peel).

The best place to get yard signs near you is right here at Windy City Signs and Graphics. You’ll work with a professional team that will help you find options ideal for your use. Choose from a large selection of options to find signs that fit your budget. You’ll work with a team that puts customer satisfaction first!