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Did you know, high-quality signage can bring your business several thousand brand impressions.

Lacking signage means missing out on your local market share, so it is so important you find a local sign company in Northbrook, IL. As a local Northbrook sign shop, it’s important to support local communities. In this day and age of digital marketing and Google, where one search query for “Sign Company Near Me” or “sign maker near me” can bring you over 100 billion results worldwide, where do you stand?

Well, we have got you covered. As your trusted local sign manufacturer and experts, we are more local than you think. Our trusted network of Sign world sign companies is stronger than most standard sign franchises. We can serve as your sign partner in the US and Canada.

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Why is Windy City Signs & Graphics the best Northbrook sign shop

Here are some of the reasons why you need to look no further and hire Windy City Signs & Graphics for your signage needs:

Here at Northbrook Sign Company We Specialize in Commercial Signage

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about the marketing potential of business signs. Signage is essential for drawing customers’ attention, promoting your products, and creating a memorable customer experience. However, achieving these goals necessitates collaboration with a qualified sign-making partner for guidance. Windy City Signs and Graphics is your trusted Northbrook sign maker.

Indoor Signs

One of our most popular sign products is indoor signage. The ideal indoor sign will represent your company’s image and produce an alluring, captivating visual effect. Our indoor signs can be created or printed for any environment and range from practical to artistic.

Outdoor Signs

The right outdoor sign is essential for promoting your company or drawing customers to your storefront. Using the space you have available, we design and create outdoor signs that are strong, attractive, and will draw customers to your business.

Vinyl Signs & Graphics

Vinyl has options for almost every surface, both inside and outside, and can serve as the foundation for any design. We can print any sign with crisp designs and perfect color, from vinyl decals to large format vinyl banners.

Custom Business Signs

One of the many challenges faced by business owners is gaining a competitive edge. Although having a unique selling proposition is essential, you also need to use customized signs and advertisements in Illinois. We provide Northbrook custom signs that are guaranteed to provide quality custom business signs.

Our Sign Process

Our sign-processing options are flexible. We, as your trusted Northbrook sign shop, consider your unique requirements when creating a sign that reflects your vision. Some businesses only need printing services because their designs are already complete. Some people already have a sign, but it needs upkeep and repairs. As a result, we are able to assist you throughout the procedure by providing:

  • Initially Meeting:  Our first step is to get to know your project, your goals, and the type of sign you need. If necessary, we’ll also conduct a site survey to fully grasp your needs.
  • Design and Recommendation: The project is sent to the designer and client for final approval once the type of sign has been chosen.
  • Permit Application: If an IL sign permit is necessary for your sign. We can help you submit the necessary paperwork and obtain the permit.
  • Production or fabrication of prints: Professional sign makers and welders craft the sign and inspect it before sending it to the client after receiving sign approval.
  • Installation of signs: Once the inspection is complete, the sign leaves for installation.
  • Maintenance and Repair Service: We can offer upkeep and repairs for the duration of your sign’s life to keep it functioning and looking good.

Need a Custom Lighting Solution That Speaks to Your Customers? Let Us Help You!

From design to installation, our team is here to help you. We also offer extra services to help you throughout the lifespan of your sign. Our internal teams oversee our sign services to ensure consistent quality and client satisfaction at every stage of the job. Our Northbrook sign store is ready to provide you with all the signage solutions you need.

For a No-Obligation, Northbrook signs Consultation and Estimates

Call 312-448-7556 or fill out the simple contact form on the Windy City Signs And Graphics website to book your free Northbrook signs company strategy, consultation, and quotation with our team.

As a Sign world Partner, we can serve your one location or several locations through our expertise and extensive support network.