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Get your target audience’s attention and stand out from a sea of competitors when you invest in the right kinds of exterior business signs.

Windy City Signs and Graphics is your trusted sign shop in Chicago, IL that produces high-quality, hardwearing outdoor signs. No matter how simple or complex your signage needs are, our team provides them according to your expectations and budget. To learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today.

Building and Storefront Signs

The right outdoor signs have several benefits, such as:

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Awnings and Canopies

If you’re looking for multi-purpose signs that add to your customer service, then check out canopy and awning signs. We install awnings over your front windows and entryway to create an impressive storefront while providing shade and protection to your customers from the elements. On the other hand, canopies have a similar purpose, but these are freestanding signs with poles supporting a durable fabric or vinyl roof.

Illuminated Signs

Enjoy round-the-clock advertising when you invest in signs that are visible even during low light situations. As your trusted sign partner in Chicago, IL, we will help you choose the best-lighted signs and illumination types.

Dimensional Letters and Channel Letters

Impress your target market with three-dimensional storefront signs. In channel letters, each letter, number, or character is individually fabricated to mimic your trademark down to the last detail. These have hollow insides so light can pass through them. Windy City Signs and Graphics provides front-lit, back-lit, combination, and open-face illumination options.

Channel letter signs are a favorite of many Chicago, IL entrepreneurs because of their many customization options. Dimensional letters, on the other hand, are quite similar, but these signs don’t have hollow insides. If you want to have them illuminated, we can install external light sources instead.

Custom-Made Sign Panels

If you only want to invest in a single outdoor sign that showcases not just your brand name but also other vital business information, then sign panels are the way to go. These can be installed directly on a surface or affixed on a lightbox for maximum effectiveness. Industrial complexes, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and warehouses typically invest in these.

Monument Signs

Exhibit permanence and a sense of authority in the community with monument signs. These are typically manufactured with concrete, stone, marble, and other synthetic materials. This kind of signage is best when your business is located on a two or four-lane with a slower speed limit, or even a residential area, where local traffic will have ample time to see your sign.

We build our monument signs to withstand harsh weather conditions so you can reap the benefits of your investments for many years to come. Some of the most common businesses that use these are hospitals, universities, and large corporations.

Pole and Pylon Signs

These versatile outdoor signs are perfect for businesses in various industries. They’re ideal for when you’re near an area where local traffic may not see a sign closer to the ground. Besides your brand name and logo, you can also showcase contact details, wayfinding information, business hours, and so much more. Pole and pylon signs can even be used as real estate signs and multi-tenant signs.

Your Full-Service Signage Partner in Chicago, IL

With Windy City Signs and Graphics, you no longer have to look for other sign professionals. We offer a complete range of services, including:

Our collaborative approach ensures that you get exactly what you want. We work closely with you from start to finish. Every request is accommodated, and every question or concern is addressed.

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Get a glimpse of how Windy City Signs and Graphics can turbocharge your company’s performance with signs that generate profit. Whether you have a particular sign and design in mind or have zero clues about what would work best for your business, our Chicago, IL team is here to help you out.

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