Wayfinding Signs

One of the subtle but effective ways to increase convenience and customer satisfaction in your business is through wayfinding signs in Chicago. These provide a more pleasurable customer experience that leads to reduced customer frustration and fuller sales funnels.

Windy City Signs and Graphics recognizes that wayfinding signage gives more value to your business. Although used primarily for customers to easily navigate your space, wayfinding signs also serve two important functions:

You can rely on Windy City Signs and Graphics to provide your business with affordable custom signs. We offer wayfinding signs that are great for organizing foot traffic flow in establishments such as:

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Stand Out with Custom Identification Signs

High-quality signs from Windy City Signs and Graphics let customers know that they reached the right place. We offer address signs and location identification signs for more convenient and hassle-free customer visits. This allows you to build a positive first impression for your business.

We have a wide array of options and designs for you to choose from. We also custom-make wayfinding signs for all business types, such as:

We also have outdoor identification signs perfect for inclement weather conditions. To ensure that your signs are made using the best materials and equipment, our production is done in-house. Our commitment at Windy City Signs and Graphics is to provide high-quality, long-lasting signs that deliver results for years.

Information Signs

Convey the right information at the right time with information signs by Windy City Signs and Graphics. Our expert team designs and creates various signs for your business. This can include:

We will help determine which information your visitors will need at various points of their visit. All these signs will be strategically arranged for visibility and convenience while still matching your brand.

Strategic Directional Signage

Entrances, reception areas, lobbies, and elevator banks are usual spots where visitors need guidance or direction. Our strategic directional signs are perfect for these. Also, directional signs are crucial for workplace areas such as offices and loading docks.

Where you position your directional signs is as important as font style and design. This ensures that your signs are visible even from a distance. Windy City Signs and Graphics helps businesses determine the most strategic sign positions that aid the flow of foot traffic. In the end, we want to help you make sure visitors and customers alike have an easy and safe time navigating your space.

ADA Compliant Regulatory Signs

Ensure your visitors’ safety during emergencies by adding regulatory signs. These are important to let customers and visitors feel comfortable and safe in your environment. Examples of regulatory signs include:

Indoor Signs

Outdoor Signs

Windy City Signs and Graphics provides regulatory signs that follow industry specifications. We make sure our designs follow legal requirements and bylaws where needed. Our signs follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Instead of getting standard office-supply ADA signs like other businesses, we can customize your signs while adhering to ADA guidelines!

Your Full-Service Sign Maker

Our years of experience have allowed us to understand the finer details of what makes an effective wayfinding sign design. When designing wayfinding signs for your business, we know which font, size, color, and placement work best. Our goal is to:

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Windy City Signs and Graphics can fulfill your business sign needs, from identification, information, directory, or regulatory signs. We are a full-service sign company offering turnkey services, regardless of if your business sign needs are large or small.

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