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advertisingA lot of businesses in Chicago, IL have been using their car to advertise their brand in their local community. Custom car wrapping enable you to take your marketing message in front of your target customers. Whether your car is out on the road or when you’re running errands and making deliveries, your car wrap is working for you.

Vinyl car wraps and decals generate impressions in thousands every day. This is a great way to market your business even when stuck in traffic.

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Increase Brand Visibility with Vinyl Car Wrapping

Vehicles covered in vinyl car wraps are a great opportunity to get noticed in Chicago. Whether your vehicle is driving within a big city or the countryside, there is a lot of potential for brand exposure. Getting the right car wraps can give you excellent brand recognition. This can result in lead generation and an increase in online traffic and phone calls.

Car wraps are great for increasing business reach and visibility. They can help advertise your business in key city areas without the need for expensive marketing strategies. Wraps also create a more intimate business promotion because of vehicle proximity.

Use car wraps to effectively advertise new products and services as well as upcoming promotional sales and events. Reinforce your brand through repeat marketing that can establish you as a business that customers can trust.

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We understand that every business is different. This is why creative car wrap advertising are a great option to set yourself apart from the competition. Our sign experts will work with you to come up with professionally designed vinyl wraps that create an impact and stand out even from a distance.

Our team at Windy City Signs and Graphics specializes in designing and producing wraps, magnets, and graphics that showcase your brand and enhances your vehicle’s look.

Does your business have different types of commercial vehicles that need vinyl wraps? We do all types of vehicle wraps for your Chicago, IL business. We can deliver quality wraps for you, from classic business wraps to bold food truck wraps. We specialize in:

Commercial Wraps with Added Protection

Windy City Signs and Graphics only uses the best vinyl film materials from major manufacturers like 3M. This allows us to produce high-quality, long-lasting wraps that offer better vehicle protection than other wraps in Chicago, IL.

Aside from making your vehicles look eye-catching, vehicle wraps give you the advantage of protecting the car’s body and paint from road wear and inclement weather. Protecting your vehicle’s original paint gives you the added benefit of increasing its resale value. A lot of our customers have given feedback on the pristine condition of their vehicles after removing the wraps.

Complete Car Wrap Manufacturer

If you need a full-service car wrap provider in Chicago, IL, we can help! We have a team of experts that can deliver complete results, from designing and printing to installation and maintenance. If you need to change your vehicle’s appearance, we can remove the wrap for you.

Our team will help translate your ideas into reality. We transform your innovative designs into professional messaging that elevates your brand and increases your business leads.

Our Chicago, IL vehicle wrap experts can take charge of the whole wrapping process. Drop your vehicle off, and we’ll let you know when the wrap is completed.

Complementary Custom Vinyl Wrap Consultation

It is our mission to help our clients increase brand awareness and revenue while protecting their investments through car wraps. Windy City Signs and Graphics can help you with your vehicle wrap needs, whether it’s simple vinyl graphics and lettering to full or partial vehicle wraps. We are the top local sign company you can rely on to help complete your advertising goals.

Our car wrap experts are excited to speak with you regarding your car wrap needs! Contact Windy City Signs and Graphics today at 312-448-7556.