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Reception And Lobby Area Signs Maker in Chicago

Customers get a significant first impression of your business the moment they walk through your doors with lobby signs in Chicago, IL. When your storefront signs and other outdoor signage grab the customer’s attention and set the right image for your business, it’s your lobby signs’ job to fulfill it.

Here at Windy City Signs and Graphics, we offer a wide selection of custom lobby signage. These include:

Choosing the best reception signs can be challenging with the number of options to choose from. Don’t worry, as we have sign experts that are available to help you choose the right design based on your business needs and aesthetic. We are a full-service lobby sign company in Chicago, IL that takes care of each process for you: from design conception all the way to installation and maintenance of all your custom business signs.

Our lobby sign specialists are available for a free consultation today! Contact Windy City Signs and Graphics, Chicago, IL at 312-448-7556.

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Attractive Lobby Signs in Chicago at an Affordable Price

Get eye-catching signs at a reasonable price when you work with WindyCity Signs & Graphics. Enjoy expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials with every sign you order. It’s why our custom lobby signs last longer and look better.

Enjoy professional service from a leading company for lobby signs near you. Book a free on-site consultation today, and we’ll:

You’ll spend time with an experienced team that will understand your requirements and help you keep the cost of signs within budget.

Custom Lobby Logo Signs

Establishing a solid business image entails creating marketing efforts that establish a strong brand message. Your custom lobby signs are a great way to reinforce that same brand message in Chicago. Custom office signs such as signs for lobbies can help your business keep its professional image.

These can also be used to give directional information to visitors and help customers determine the nature of your business. Create a positive impression on customers with various lobby logo sign options that best suit your business needs.

Uses and Benefits of Lobby Signs and Logos

Improve visitor experience, brand the workplace, and maximize branding with personalized lobby signs for businesses. You can use signs to:

Take advantage of a fully-equipped fabrication shop to bring your vision to life. Whatever your needs, we can design the ideal signs for your business.

Cohesive and Consistent Reception Signage

We have a wide range of custom business signs available aside from lobby signs:

We have highly skilled graphic artists that are happy to help you create the best designs that reflect your brand. Your custom reception signage designs are sure to make your business stand out from the competition in Chicago.

To guarantee long-lasting signs and graphics with an excellent finish, we only choose high-quality materials for our signs. Visitors will surely see the craftsmanship and attention to detail of your signs even from a distance. It is our commitment to create lasting partnerships with our clients and be top of mind when it comes to signages.

We're Redefining the Signage Experience

Who said you have to settle for dull reception signs or pay through the nose? Not us!

Whether you have experience ordering signage or if it’s your first time, we’ll make your experience completely seamless:

Book a free on-site appointment to discuss your needs with an experienced signage professional in Chicago. We’ll tell you what safety, directional, and branded backlit lobby signsyou need.

Lobby Sign Consultation for Free in Chicago, IL

Here at Windy City Signs and Graphics, we aim to deliver signs with excellent customer support and service for our clients. We can produce any type of sign that can help your business reach out to your target audience effectively, be it through small vinyl window decals to majestic pole signs.

Get the best lobby sign recommendations from our lobby sign experts! Call Windy City Signs and Graphics, Chicago, IL today at 312-448-7556 for a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

They typically cost around $600 – $1300. However, your total expenditure can increase or decrease depending on factors such as their design, labor requirements, and size. 

We highly suggest that you get in touch with one of our signage specialists to get a better idea of how much your ideal signs will cost.

Flat cut materials, such as acrylic, are commonly used to produce reverse-lit reception signs. Special mounts are used to raise the signage elements off the wall. When metal is used on the sign’s front portion, the edges are painted with silver to match the overall design. Finally, LED is attached at the back of the signage to create an eye-catching and impressive halo effect.

At Windy City, we follow a simple rule when designing your lobby signs. For best visual impact, their size should be half the wall’s width. For example, if your wall is 8 feet wide, the reception sign must be 4 feet wide, respectively.