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Business owners across different industries have been using channel letter signs as their top choice for building signs in Chicago. Channel letters are extremely versatile and can be useful for all manner of brand requirements and designs.

Windy City Signs and Graphics is your reliable local channel letter sign maker that can deliver professional business signs. We value on-time delivery and high-quality signs that fit your business requirements. Whether you need illuminated business signs, flat dimensional letters, or both, we’ll be glad to deliver these for you.

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Why Choose Channel Letter for Your Business?

When you work with Windy City Signs and Graphics, we’ll help you create channel letters in Chicago that speak to your potential customers. The size, shape, colors, and style of your sign can be completely customized. You can also choose to have illuminated signage. If you’re not sure which type of sign elements work best, don’t worry. We will work with you throughout the process to advise on effective solutions for your business. Our goal is to help ensure your sign does not only look great but also reflects your brand and achieve your objectives, including:

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Marketing Your Business: With illuminated channel letter signage, you will effectively promote your brand around the clock. Day and night, customers will be able to see your signs, even from a distance. This can help remind them that you’re available when they need a certain service or product that you offer. Plus, the signs are meant to withstand the weather, so when you choose channel letter signs in Chicago, you’re investing in a high-visibility marketing tool that lasts.

Identifying Your Location: Your outdoor channel letter signage serves several purposes. It can help announce to your community where your business is located and can help new customers find you. These outdoor signs also have the power to compel passersby to come inside and do business with you. In all of these scenarios, it’s essential to work with our channel letter sign company in Chicago to create high-quality signs. Our well-trained team can help you achieve your objectives and showcase a professional business image with your signs.

Outshining the Competition: LED channel letter signs can help you outshine your closest competition with impressive signage that generates attention. Prospects will be sure to notice your bright, vibrant signs, helping you stand out even in busy business areas. Our team at Windy City Signs and Graphics will work with you to ensure your signage solutions are effective in this regard. We will focus on design options and placement that command attention in your neighbourhood and showcase a quality look. Your business is sure to get noticed with these vivid, eye-catching signs.

Channel Letter Signs for Storefronts

Channel letter signs are three-dimensional signs. These are made out of cut metal sheets that are formed into individual letters, numbers, images, or symbols. Mounting options include surface mounting where it is secured to a frame, or flush mounting or directly attaching it into the building.

The customizing options of channel letter signs are limitless. They can come in any shape or size. We have a wide range of color, font, size, and lighting options available to create signs that can best reflect your brand. Channel letter signs give your storefront a remarkable appearance, making it highly effective as an outdoor storefront sign.

Common applications of channel letters can be found in and around:

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letter signs and channel letter signs are both made individually. However, dimensional letters typically come unlit compared to channel letters that are usually illuminated from within. Dimensional letters are also made from cut solid sheets of either acrylic, metal, or other materials. They are also easily customized to match your brand, with a lot of options available for style, size, colors, font, and width.

Windy City Signs and Graphics delivers eye-catching dimensional letter signs that match your aesthetic while building customers’ confidence in your business. These are perfect to use as indoor signs or lobby signs, as well as signs for restaurants, retail stores, malls, offices, and the like.

Your Local Illuminated and Backlit Letters Makers Serving Chicago and Surroundings

Adding LED backlighting on your channel letters can make your brand name pop. Illuminating your sign gives you more business visibility even during the night and in poor weather conditions. Being a full-service sign maker, we can take care of these sign building processes for you, including safe installation, maintenance, and repair.

If you have a commercial establishment that runs throughout the day and night, having backlit channel letter signs can make a huge impact on how potential customers view your facility. Businesses such as the following greatly benefit from lighted channel letters:

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Frequently Asked Questions

The overall cost of channel letter signs involves factors such as the signage type, materials, mounting style, illumination, thickness, the complexity of design, and dimensions. To get a custom quote, contact Windy City today.

For channel letters with faces and backs, they are commonly made from acrylic or aluminum. Their side portions, on the other hand, are fabricated from aluminum as well. For reverse-lit and open face channel letter signs, they don’t have any covers, thus exposing the interior of the signage.

Front-lit signs have light tubes that pass on the inside of each signage element and shine through its face. Backlit signs, on the contrary, have LED attached on the rear portion to create an elegant halo effect. Combination channel letters, as the name suggests, the marriage between the two types of signs for maximum visual appeal. Lastly, open face channel letters don’t have faces, creating neon style signs with a charming vintage appeal.

Font types for ADA must not be stylized or have special characters and decorations. Generic, simple, and easy-to-understand fonts are required, such as Calibri, Arial, and Century Gothic.

Once the digital design is created, your channel letters can be manufactured within a two-week period. However, their installation depends on how quickly the local government will release the permit.