Wall Murals

Do you want to show your creativity and make a positive impact on your customers and employees? Let Windy City Signs and Graphics help you with a custom wall mural for your business.

When used as a business sign, custom vinyl wall murals can help transform a blank and empty hallway. Colorful and exciting displays can be used to:

At Windy City Signs and Graphics, we have an experienced team ready to plan your custom murals, signs, and graphics. We can make wall murals depending on your goals, be it wayfinding wallpaper mural signs, promotional signs, or murals that boost employee morale.

Our expert sign makers also evaluate your space and location. This ensures we make good use of your available space through the right sign solutions.

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Office Wall Murals and More Mural Options

The sky’s the limit when it comes to incorporating wall murals into your business.

Are you looking to transform an office space? Our team can help conceptualize wall murals that will capture just the mood you’re hoping to achieve. From reception areas to break rooms, and meeting spaces, wall murals in Chicago can play an important role.

In your lobby, you can welcome guests to your establishment with messaging that introduces your brand. Throughout the rest of your business, consider sharing quotes, images, and other items that motivate employees and create additional brand touchpoints for guests.

In a retail setting, our team at Windy City Signs and Graphics can assist with messaging and designs that will showcase your products effectively. The walls of your establishment are valuable real estate and working with our wall mural company in Chicago can help you make the most of them.

If you’re looking to set the mood in a restaurant, spa, or gym, wall murals offer a means to transform a single wall or the entire space. You will not only be able to set the mood when customers arrive, but you can create a wow factor among guests that has the potential to improve their experience and increase sales. Some of the best wall mural services will also help improve your business space. Consider how a design with depth or bright colors can make small, dark spaces appear larger and bright.

Plus, with custom wall murals, all of the display details can be completely personalized to your offerings. This means you’ll benefit from messaging and designs that are specific to your business in a size that fits your space precisely. 

If you’re looking for wall murals “near me,” reach out to us at Windy City Signs and Graphics to get started.

Custom Wall Murals

At Windy City Signs and Graphics, we understand that no two murals are the same. Our team expertly makes custom three-dimensional wall murals that reflect your own unique design. This enables us to create a type of branding and messaging geared towards impacting your target audience.

We only use the best vinyl material from major manufacturers like 3M. We print high-quality murals, wall graphics, and lettering that allows you to solidify your brand through impactful messaging. We can deliver all your wall mural needs, from incredible top to bottom scenery murals to small cut wall decals.

Wall murals are removable, which makes them a great option when you need signs that can easily be changed out when needed. These are perfect when you need signs for seasonal promotions, events, or any seasonal changes. Our skilled team creates signs with safe adhesives that enable you to conveniently replace or update your wall graphics without leaving any marks behind.

Your Local Vinyl Wall Mural Maker

Unsure about your signage needs? Our team is ready to deliver signs suited to your business. You can send us your own design or let our talented graphic artists create unique designs for you.

As a full-service mural company in Chicago, IL, we take care of your custom mural needs. We conduct an on-site evaluation to measure and analyze your area to provide the best recommendations.

We aim to provide the finest and most durable mural wallpaper with high-quality vinyl. This leaves your walls with a stunning finish that will surely impress your customers.

Experienced and Professional Vinyl Mural Installers

While small, temporary vinyl decals may be easy to remove, installing large format custom murals is a job for experienced sign makers. Doing a top-to-bottom vinyl wall mural can be delicate and prone to rips, creases, air gaps, and tears when you attempt to do it yourself.

Properly installing vinyl graphics and murals is best done by a professional sign installer. This ensures a smooth and bubble-free mural, creating a striking overall mural finish.

When you are looking for a trusted and experienced vinyl mural installation company in Chicago, IL, Windy City Signs and Graphics is here for you. We offer fuss-free and careful installation of your graphics, regardless of it is a large or small project.

Complementary Consultation on Your Signs and Graphics Needs

Our experienced team at Windy City Signs and Graphics aim to provide top quality sign solutions to all our clients. Our Chicago, IL sign and graphic professionals pride themselves on the quality of their work in order to build lasting client relationships.

We offer various sign solutions for your business, from indoor signs, outdoor signs, banners, vehicle wraps, and more. Our custom design services ensure you have an array of options to choose from. We provide effective, easy to order, and affordable solutions for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wall murals are large vinyl signs that cover a large part of the wall or the entire wall. Unlike wallpaper, wall murals are personalized with designs you choose. These can be graphics, images, the business name, photographs, or anything else. Vinyl wall murals can be cut to any shape and even be installed on curved surfaces.

It might sound like wall murals and wallpaper are very similar, but they’re definitely not. Wallpaper is fragile, and you can only buy pre-designed patterns and textures.

Vinyl wall murals are customized entirely according to your needs. That means you can show any graphic, message, or picture you want. Vinyl wall murals are far more durable, too, able to shrug off minor spills and scratches.

Think wallpaper, and you’ll get an image of a papery wall covering that peels, fades, and gets dirty after just a year of use. Installing wallpaper’s a pretty messy process, too, given a lot of glue must be applied to the wall first.

Vinyl wall murals are nothing like that. They come with your design, are durable, and look great even after years of use. The best part? Even large wall murals can be installed in an hour or so (without creating a mess).

Wall murals are made of vinyl (polyvinyl chloride), one of the world’s most popular polymers. It is an incredibly durable material, resisting stretching and tearing. There are many gauges and types of vinyl available, each offering a unique finish. We only source high-quality vinyl sheets from major suppliers like 3M and Dupont.

That depends on several factors, including your wall murals’ size, shape, and complexity. Small murals can start from as little as $150 and go over $5,000 for extra-large sheets and special finishes. Shipping and installation are extra.

To get an estimate for your project, talk to us today. We’ll help you take measurements and discuss your design to provide accurate cost and time estimates.

Wall murals have become one of the most popular signs with businesses in Chicago. They’re used to:

  • Promote products and services.
  • Rebrand the workspace.
  • Show the company’s portfolio and history.
  • Display motivational quotes.

Looking for inspiration? Get in touch with us to see the kinds of wall murals we’ve made for customers.

Ideally, their enlarged size must be at least 200 dpi. If you want the small details to look excellent up close, a minimum of 300 dpi is required. When taking photos that you want to be converted into a mural, make sure you are using a 12-megapixel camera.

Graphic decals look best when applied on smooth and even surfaces. However, they can also be affixed to rough surfaces such as brick, grooved metal, and concrete.

Yes, so long as you have a soft copy of your preferred design, it can be digitally printed on textured wallpaper.

Use a high-quality polyvinyl varnish since it will protect your wallpaper mural from liquid messes and minor water damage. Regular maintenance and dusting off will prolong the life of your wallpaper. We recommend a clear, water-based archival matte varnish. Using an archival varnish not only protects your image but will not cause the yellowing of your mural as it ages.

The easiest way to remove a wall mural is to use a blow-dryer and start at the top corner. Once that spot feels warm, you can gently peel off the vinyl at a 45-degree angle and continue to work on other areas using the same method until everything is completely removed.

First, arrange your mural panels in the correct order. Next, draw vertical lines on the wall to serve as a guideline when applying each panel. Third, carefully adhere the sticky side of the mural to the wall while making sure everything is aligned correctly. Fourth, smooth out any air bubbles or ripples. Lastly, use a soft sponge and warm water to remove excess adhesive.