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Custom monument signs for your business’s grounds in Chicago, IL. Monument signs are free-standing signs usually found at the entrance or at a short distance from the business. Monument signage company are typically a sturdy structure made of stone, brick, marble, metal, or concrete. The large façade of the sign can include important business information such as your name, logo, tagline as well as wayfinding information.

Chicago Monument Signs are a popular choice for:

Is your business looking for an impressive entrance that offers a complete customer experience right from the start? Monument Sign Company produces various monument signs that can potentially set you apart from other Chicago, IL businesses.

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Modern Monument Signage for Business

Modern monument sign can be an impactful marketing tool for your business. Across Chicago, companies are turning to monument signage to command attention for their brand. If you are looking into signage options for your business, consider the following benefits of monument signs in Chicago:

Improve Your Business’ Visibility: The sheer size of these signs alone makes them highly visible. Prospects in your neighborhood will be sure to notice your impressive custom monument signs. Plus, if you choose to invest in a sign with lighting, you can ensure your signs will generate attention at all hours of the day and night.

Landmark Your Business Location: Because of their size and height, pylon and monument signs can also help landmark your business’ location. If customers are travelling to your business for the first time, your signage can help alert them that they’ve arrived at the correct spot.

Provide a Warm Welcome to Guests: You can help welcome guests when they arrive with professional signage that speaks to your brand. You’ll be sure to convey credibility with your remarkable signage, especially when you choose high-quality exterior monument signs by Windy City Signs and Graphics.

Promote Your Business Year-Round: Monument signs for business are designed for outdoor use so that they can withstand the weather. This means your signs will continue to showcase your brand year-round.

Create a Completely Custom Look: Undeniably, the biggest benefit of monument signs for business is the ability to invest in a sign that’s unique to your brand. From the materials you select, to the lighting, size, shape, and specific signage details — all these components can be completely customized. Our team at Windy City Signs and Graphics will work with you on these details to ensure your signs effectively represent your brand and achieve on your objectives.

Stand Out from the Competition: If you’ve been looking for a new way to separate your business from all the rest, consider monument signs & pylon signs in Chicago. These top-quality signs may be just the tactic that helps you stand out in your community and edge out your competition.

Why choose outdoor monument signs for Your Business?

Custom monument signs are unique and eye-catching, making them a popular choice for many businesses. Monument signs for business create a memorable experience for visitors and customers alike. Monument signage can be designed to reflect what your business stands for. This ensures you leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Monument sign in Chicago usually sit at eye-level, mounted directly on the ground or on pillars or supports. They are made of durable materials that make monument signs resistant to aging, weathering, and degrading in a short span of time. They make for a worthwhile signage investment, giving your business excellent ROI for years to come.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Multi-tenant monument signs are great to use as business directories. Because of their large size, they are perfect for highlighting a number of different business names along with directional information. These attractive, high-quality monument signs are the best way to project a professional image for your business.

Multi-tenant monuments signs are best used for facilities that have multiple businesses such as:

Budget-Friendly Monument Signage Installer for Chicago Properties

Windy City Signs and Graphics is committed to producing signs that are custom-made based on your specific business requirements, budget, and branding. We have a wide range of signs available, such as contemporary monument signs and other custom business sign options.

We strive to turn your ideas into a reality using our vast selection of materials, sizes, colors, finishes, and mounting options. Should you need lighting options such as LED lights, we can customize these for you as well.

Our expert team has the right tools and experience to deliver massive, show-stopping custom signs that bring out your creativity and get your message across.

Monument Sign Company Providing Services in Chicago

If you are looking for a local monument sign company that can deliver durable and impactful signs, Windy City Signs and Graphics is your top choice in Chicago, IL. We guarantee signs that can best highlight your brand and create a lasting professional image for your business.

Call Windy City Signs and Graphics at 312-448-7556. Our monument sign specialists are ready to help your business make an impact with custom monument signs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Their average cost ranges from $150 to $400 per square foot. However, most of the time, regular monument signage is about $275 per sq ft. If you want a free quotation on this project, contact Windy City Signs & Graphics today!

Pylon monument signs are perfect for grabbing the attention of motorists from afar and for showcasing multiple tenants. Post and panel monument signs are excellent for entrepreneurs looking for a cost-effective option. On the other hand, single building monument signs are perfect for standalone establishments that want to establish a sense of permanence. Illuminated monument signs are fantastic investments for round-the-clock advertising. Lastly, digital monument signs enable you to showcase impressive videos and slideshows for advertisements.

Producing monument signs require a lot of skill and expertise. With the right signage partner, you can expect the completion of your signage in a few weeks. However, you must keep in mind that getting a sign permit and design approval can take some time as well.

Back in the day, people associate monument signs with brick and wood. They typically had a rustic and classic appeal. Although these types of signs are still used these days, more entrepreneurs are shifting to a more contemporary approach to signage solutions. Modern monument signs reflect minimalist details and clean edges. Their colors tend to be vibrant or neutral. Sometimes, digital displays are even integrated so you can showcase impressive slideshows or video advertisements.

The expanded Polystyrene foam core is spritzed with a proprietary hard coat to make it highly resistant to moisture, termites, and rotting. These signs are extremely heavy-duty yet lightweight and versatile, making them a fantastic long-term investment.

For entrepreneurs who are looking for a more affordable option, stick with EPS foam monument signs. Other excellent choices include stone, brick, metal, aluminum, poured concrete, and weather-resistant plastic.