Monument Signs

Monument signs are free-standing signs usually found at the entrance or at a short distance from the business. They are typically a sturdy structure made of stone, brick, marble, metal, or concrete. The large façade of the sign can include important business information such as your name, logo, tagline as well as wayfinding information.

Monument signs are a popular choice for:

Is your business looking for an impressive entrance that offers a complete customer experience right from the start? Windy City Signs and Graphics produces various monument signs that can potentially set you apart from other Chicago, IL businesses.

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Grand Entryway

Monument signs are unique and eye-catching, making them a popular choice for many businesses. These signs create a memorable experience for visitors and customers alike. Custom monument signs can be designed to reflect what your business stands for. This ensures you leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Monument signs usually sit at eye-level, mounted directly on the ground or on pillars or supports. They are made of durable materials that make monument signs resistant to aging, weathering, and degrading in a short span of time. They make for a worthwhile signage investment, giving your business excellent ROI for years to come.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Multi-tenant monument signs are great to use as business directories. Because of their large size, they are perfect for highlighting a number of different business names along with directional information. These attractive, high-quality monument signs are the best way to project a professional image for your business.

Multi-tenant monuments signs are best used for facilities that have multiple businesses such as:

Budget-Friendly Custom Signs

Windy City Signs and Graphics is committed to producing signs that are custom-made based on your specific business requirements, budget, and branding. We have a wide range of signs available, such as contemporary monument signs and other custom business sign options.

We strive to turn your ideas into a reality using our vast selection of materials, sizes, colors, finishes, and mounting options. Should you need lighting options such as LED lights, we can customize these for you as well.

Our expert team has the right tools and experience to deliver massive, show-stopping custom signs that bring out your creativity and get your message across.

Complimentary Monument Sign Consultation in chicago

If you are looking for a local sign company that can deliver durable and impactful signs, Windy City Signs and Graphics is your top choice in Chicago, IL. We guarantee signs that can best highlight your brand and create a lasting professional image for your business.

Call Windy City Signs and Graphics at 312-448-7556. Our monument sign specialists are ready to help your business make an impact with custom monument signs!