Commercial Fleet Wraps

High-quality commercial fleet wraps can give your business a strong presence that can get you noticed in Chicago, IL.

Windy City Signs and Graphics is the trusted custom fleet graphics company that can help build business visibility, boost your brand, and increase lead generation through attractive custom vehicle wraps. We make fleet wrap designs based on specific brand elements that reflect what your business stands for.

Create a full experience for your customers and brand your company property through fleet wraps. These can be applied in a variety of vehicle options, such as:

For your fleet wrap needs, Windy City Signs and Graphics is your reliable local wrap maker. We take care of every project detail, from graphics to installation. With us, you have the right sign maker that can deliver effective vehicle wraps for your business.

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Commercial Fleet Wraps for All Vehicles

We have available auto wrap options for all types of commercial vehicles. Whether you have a small company car or a fleet of trucks, we have affordable options for you. Our extensive selection of wraps and graphics can provide you anything you need, from full vehicle wraps to vehicle graphics and magnets.

Vehicle wrap needs differ for every business. Some require full-body wraps for cars, marine-grade wraps for boats, or just simple vehicle lettering and small graphics. Whatever your business needs are, whether it’s identical wraps for your company’s fleet or customized designs for each vehicle, Windy City Signs and Graphics has got you covered. Our expert sign makers will help find the right design, material, and wrap placement that will allow your brand to stand out in Chicago, IL.

Custom Fleet Wraps and Graphics

Windy City Signs and Graphics specializes in custom fleet vehicle wraps and graphics that boost your brand and sends your message across through logos, marketing elements, and captivating calls-to-action.

Businesses that can make the most out of fleet wraps are:

Our team of expert fleet wrap designers delivers innovative designs that bring your brand forward and add value to your vehicle. You can guarantee that wraps are installed correctly, without creases and bubbles, to make your vehicles look good. Not only that, but they can also protect your vehicle from scratches and small dents.

Increase Your Brand Presence with Fleet Wraps and Signs

When your company’s fleet is professionally wrapped, you’ll achieve moving billboards for your business. Whether your vehicles are parked or are out on the road, the wraps will communicate your brand messaging to those nearby. With a compelling design and seamless installation, you can pique the interest of prospects. Your brand impressions will instantly increase whether you have one vehicle or several outfitted with a custom fleet wrap.

Plus, when you work with our fleet wrap company in Chicago, your impressions are not limited to one city alone. No matter where your team travels, you’ll be able to command attention on the road. This could result in new prospects from new territories that you may not have considered before. If your advertisements haven’t tapped into new neighborhoods, your fleet wraps may be just the tactic to take your marketing efforts further.

If your company conducts service calls, nothing conveys professionalism more than a branded vehicle pulling up. Customers will instantly recognize your brand and your fleet will convey trust compared to an unmarked vehicle. Plus, other prospects in the area may see the vehicle while your team conducts their work, which can lead to additional customers simply because of your wrap.

Your Partner for Fleet Wraps in Chicago

If you’re looking for fleet wraps “near me,” we encourage you to reach out to us at Windy City Signs and Graphics. Our team can help you get noticed with fleet wraps that are catered to your vehicles specifically. We take into consideration the style of vehicles in your fleet to create a design that complements each shape.

We know you want to turn heads on the road and command attention to your brand. That’s why our team at Windy City Signs and Graphics uses durable materials and quality workmanship to ensure the finished product is a compelling marketing tool for your company.

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Make the most of your company vehicles by installing fleet wraps. Regardless of how many are in your fleet, wraps are a great way to get visible in your local market in Chicago, IL. This consistent promotion not only increases brand recognition and recall but also helps protect your vehicle’s surface.

Windy City Signs and Graphics is your trusted local wrap and graphics maker. It is our goal to establish long-term partnerships with our clients by providing the best products and services.

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