Hanging Signs

We fabricator and installer of hanging signs in Chicago

Need a simple, inexpensive, effective way to capture attention? Windy City Signs and Graphics makes high-quality hanging signs that boost your brand and promote your business in Chicago, IL. We have years of industry experience that helps us deliver signs with excellent visibility and readability even from a distance.

Our expert design skills can help you find the right colors, fonts, and sizes that fit your business needs. We also help figure out various options for ceiling brackets, mounts, panels, sign frames, and lighting kits that fulfill your requirements while staying on budget.

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Indoor Hanging Signs

While hanging signs are considered to be better suited for outdoor advertising, these can give value to your interiors as well. Many businesses use indoor hanging signs for:

Whatever you need to showcase, Windy City Signs and Graphics is the top sign maker that can give you the best indoor hanging signs for your business needs.

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Hanging Blade Signs

While eye-catching blade signs are usually used in bars and restaurants, these can also be custom-made to effectively get important information in front of your customers. Blade signs can be used as a strategic outdoor sign to catch the attention of target customers and drive them inside your facility.

Windy City Signs and Graphics commits to providing hanging blade signs that are expertly designed to meet your brand requirements. If you need custom outdoor hanging signs that can withstand inclement weather conditions and outlast competitors’ business signs, we’ve got you covered.

We customize various signs that are specific to your business needs using high-quality materials. Our top-notch signs are made with the materials below, elevated with the addition of LED lights:

Aside from hanging signboards, we also have available sign panels that have multipurpose brackets and posts made from wood, stainless steel, and wrought iron. These one-of-a-kind brackets are sure to compliment your panels and make your hanging blade signs more attractive.

Projecting Signs and Brackets

When your business is trying to portray a stable and legitimate image, projecting signs and brackets are a great option for you. These are like outdoor hanging signs minus the ability to swing with the wind.

Material options for custom projecting signs and graphics are plentiful. Projecting signs with ornate iron brackets combined with metal and wood panels are great if you want a classic look. For a more modern commercial appearance, PVC foam boards precisely cut to reflect your design can be attached to the wall using minimalist brackets.

Let your hanging signs boost your company aesthetic. Let our expert sign makers take care of designing, producing, and installing signs that best fit your Chicago, IL business.

Your Trusted Local Sign Company in Chicago, IL

If you’ve ever searched for the “best sign shop near me in Chicago, IL, Windy City Signs and Graphics is the right company for you. Our years of industry experience mean you get the best custom sign solutions for all types of businesses. We also have a number of sign options fit for every budget.

Our sign experts make sure we understand your specific business requirements with thorough on-site evaluations. This enables us to get a better idea of your space and provide branding solutions that guarantee positive results.

We are a full-service company, providing assistance from design, fabrication to installation. We work closely with our clients to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations. Our expert team also entertains change requests and gives appropriate recommendations. We also deliver excellent aftercare for existing signs that may need repair or maintenance.

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