What To Look For In A Sign Company

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Commercial signs play an essential role in the marketing and operations of a brick-and-mortar facility. These visual tools provide long-term and profitable benefits to your company, from promoting your products to helping customers navigate your establishment. More than just selecting the right design, signage type, and placement, it is equally crucial that you work with a Chicago sign company with the level of expertise that meets your standards.

Questions to Ask and Qualities to Look for in a Potential Chicago Sign Company

  1. What do their previous customers say about them? Go beyond featured testimonials on their website or social media profiles. Look for tagged posts, reviews in reliable forums, or even recommendations from other local entrepreneurs. In doing so, you will have a better idea of their capabilities, customer service, and industry expertise.
  2. What are their values and are those aligned with yours? Considering that it is a business partnership, it is better to work with a signage supplier that you can meet eye to eye with on your vehicle graphics in Chicago.
  3. What products and services do they provide? You must learn what kinds of signs they specialize in and what their team can do for you. This way, you are less likely to feel dissatisfied because you already know what you are paying for.
  4. What are their accolades and accomplishments? Selecting a sign shop with a proven track record of effective signage solutions will give you peace of mind that you are working with a well-trained team. 
  5. Have they worked with a similar business like yours? A Chicago sign company that has previously handled companies with a similar branding strategy, products, services, or target market as yours will be a better match for you than a supplier that hasn’t.
  6. What is their sign process? Get an overview of how their signage projects are completed to determine if their methods are suitable for you.
  7. What is their edge from other sign companies in Chicago? Considering that you have several local options, you need to look for characteristics that make them a better choice, whether it be faster installation, cheaper cost, and other factors.
  8. What kind of equipment and materials do they use? The overall quality of your signs significantly impacts how customers perceive your company. It’s key to work with a Chicago sign supplier that uses premium grade materials and high-tech equipment to ensure your signs are nothing but exceptional.

Why Work with Windy City Signs & Graphics?

Windy City Signs & Graphics is a leading signage manufacturer for businesses located in Chicago and nearby areas. Our passion for sign making and customer service is one of many qualities that make us stand out from the rest. We specialize in various visual communication solutions, from professional channel letters to long-lasting vehicle graphics in Chicago.

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