Stay Ahead in Business: Use Monument Signs

canyon custom monument signs in Chicago, Illinois

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Businesses that are doing well need to keep investing to avoid stagnation. One of the best ways to invest in your business moving forward might just be a commercial monument sign. These signs are very useful for many kinds of businesses and organizations, from manufacturers to churches, schools, retail stores, and large residential buildings.

Make Your Mark

Monument signs are elegant signs that add significantly to the look of your landscaping, building, or property. They can be made from materials that match your building exterior and look truly monumental. This raises the profile of your brand, making it seem more high-end. These signs are also great to attract attention because they’re so eye-catching.

Communicate with Your Community

Monument signs are somewhat unique because they have a lot of room for words beneath your brand name (or at least they can if you want.) You can add a sentence about your next sale or event, or you can add a joke or saying that helps you connect with the community. That’s why these signs work well for churches and schools that need to send a message to the community.

Digital monument signs can be even better for this purpose. You can change the message on them easily and quickly, so you can always use them to promote events or sales without needing to spend time rearranging letters or printing a new sign.

Draw in Traffic

Monument signs are great for businesses that are far back from the road or who have a large property. They can help show customers and guests where to turn to get into your business. And they help you promote your business to anyone who is walking or driving nearby.

Monument signs are especially helpful if you have a gate or other security measures at the front of your business. These might otherwise dissuade people from entering your property, even those who are authorized. Monument signs help reassure them and make your property a welcoming place so that you don’t turn them away with your safety measures.

Get Monument Signs for Your Business in Chicago

Windy City Signs and Graphics is dedicated to being your long-term sign partner. That is why we offer quality sign designs and materials that will ensure your signs perform as expected. We can design, create, and install your monument sign in Chicago. Contact us today to get started with a sign consultation.

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