The Importance of Interior Signs

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Why use interior signs? And which types of signs should you use? At Windy City Signs and Graphics, we offer interior signs in Chicago and have the knowledge that you need to make the best sign decisions. Learn about the basics of signs inside your property, whether it’s an office or a retail store, and what you can best use those signs for.

Promoting Your Brand

Promoting your brand is as important inside of your building as outside of it. You want to make a branded impression on your customers, so they associate your space with your brand and feel a stronger connection to it. There are many signs you can choose to accomplish this, from lobby signs to banners.

Sending a Message

If you need to communicate the details of an offer, tell customers about an upcoming event, or send some other relatively large message, you should use a sign. Interior digital signs can be great for this purpose because they are easy to adjust. A simple post and panel sign can work too.

Drawing Attention to Sales

Everyone needs to promote sales in order to generate interest and encourage customers to take advantage of them. You can have both small signs right by the product and larger signs to draw foot traffic over. There are many indoor sign options that can help, including window graphics and wall graphics.

Helping Customers Find Their Way

Wayfinding signage is about helping customers navigate your space. Signs that display aisle numbers, door signs that announce who or what is behind the door, and exit signs are all examples of wayfinding signs. If you have a very big property, consider interior digital signs that can show customers an interactive map. Also, keep in mind that many wayfinding signs need to be ADA compliant.

Changing the Look of Your Space

Signs can be as important for décor and ambiance as they are for communication. You need your space to be beautiful and reflect your brand image, and the right signs can help create a cohesive look. Wall graphics are a great alternative to paint that can help you change your space. Lobby signs and front desk signs are also good options.

Choose Windy City Signs for Interior Office Signs

We offer many more kinds of interior signs in Chicago. If you need professional help choosing and designing the best signs for you, contact us today.

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