Car Wrapping Services – What to Expect

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Take your advertising to the streets with vehicle wraps. These are fabricated with extremely durable and flexible vinyl that complements the features of your cars. When you invest in these mobile billboards, you can expect to maximize not only the use of your assets and but also the time spent by your employees as they drive around town to accomplish business-related tasks.

Types of Vehicle Wraps

  • Full wraps: If you want to make the most impact and stand out in busy streets, opt for complete ad wraps. These cover the entire exterior of your signs, even the smallest grooves and details. This way, you have more space to showcase intricately detailed images and graphics to pique your target market’s interest.
  • Partial wraps:  Get your cars branded without having to go all out with partial ad wraps. These are affixed to specific areas of your vehicle that gain the most attention
  • Vinyl decals: For entrepreneurs who have a more conservative marketing budget but want to reap the benefits of mobile advertising, vinyl decals are an elegant solution. These are perfect for featuring essential business information such as your contact number, logo, and address.

Advantages of Having Custom Car Wraps in Chicago

  • According to a study, 95% of viewers not only see your mobile advertisement but also remember what they saw. 
  • Vehicle wraps generate between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions, giving you more opportunities to invite leads to visit your establishment and make a purchase.
  • On average, car wraps cost around $2,500. However, when these are expertly produced, wraps can last for up to five years. To get a better idea of how much you have to spend, give us a call today to get a free quote.
  • These are highly economical. Let’s say a single car wrap generates 50,000 daily impressions. When you do the math, the cost per thousand impressions is only 7 cents. It is a lot less cheap than regular billboards or other advertising mediums.
  • Non-intrusive advertising brings more positive results. Customers often get annoyed with overly aggressive salespeople or ads. Since your wraps simply pass by, they will not feel as if your brand is forcing them to purchase your products or services. With strategic designs, you can deliver thought-provoking messages and unforgettable images that will influence their future purchases.

The Process of Making Custom Vehicle Wraps

Even before design and production begin, our team takes the time to study not just your brand but also your target market and competitors. This way, we are able to develop foolproof signage strategies and car wrapping services that are superior to others.

During the production phase, we use premium-grade materials and technology to produce high-resolution, eye-catching, and damage-resistant wraps. We also take pride in having some of the best installers in the area. They make sure that your wraps are free from ripples, bubbles, tears, and are completely seamless. We also provide repair and maintenance services in case you need them in the future.

Best Vinyl Wrap Car Near Me

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