How Do I Choose a Channel Letter Sign for Business?

Channel Letter Sign for Cafe

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The right channel letter sign will help you elevate your brand, boost advertising, and create memorable experiences for customers. It’s proven, too—surveys have found that nearly 8 out of 10 people visit establishments for the first time because they like its sign. Nearly 7 out of 10 people make purchase decisions because of what they see on a business’s signs.

In this blog, we’ll help you select the right channel letters in Chicago and get the most value from your signage.

First, Understand the Different Types of Channel Letter Signs

3D signs are completely customizable, but they come in three primary lighting configurations:

  • Front-lit letters: The sign’s face is illuminated, and light shines from the front of the sign.
  • Rear-lit letters: Commonly called reverse-lit letters, lighting here is pointed to the rear of the sign. It bounces off the wall and creates a glow.
  • Halo-lit letters: This style combines both front and rear lighting for a stunning look.

Compare the three options before you finalize one. They each offer a unique look (and come at slightly different price points).

Consider How the Dimensional Letters Fit Your Brand

Channel letters will become ambassadors of your brand, so you need to choose a style that enhances your branding. Consider designs that reflect your business and match customer expectations. Incorporate your brand colors, font, and logo.

1. Think of How Large Your Lighted Channel Letters Should Be

The size of your sign determines its visibility and impact. A sign that’s too small will go unnoticed, while one that’s too big can be awkward. That’s why we prepare digital templates that let you see how your sign will look before placing the order.

2. Choose Materials That Can Stand Up to Chicago’s Weather

Chicago’s not known as the Windy City for nothing. Strong winds, frigid winters, and blistering summers take a toll on signs. It’s essential you choose materials that can stand up to the worst mother nature can throw at the sign. Aluminum, for instance, is a lightweight, strong metal that resists corrosion.

3. What Do the Local Regulations and Building Bylaws Say?

Check local sign regulations and your building’s bylaws before deciding on a 3D sign. Almost every public-facing sign must be approved by the city. Your property manager may have something to say about it, too. Our team can assist with applying for permits, modify designs to ensure compliance, and make your experience seamless.

4. Make Sure it Fits Your Budget

Lighted channel letters are an investment in the business, and you must find options that deliver value. Identify cost-effective options that do the job rather than including extras that don’t add very much to the sign. It’s why our team takes the time to understand your needs and helps you identify impactful elements.

Work With the Right Partner for Your Front, Rear, or Halo-Lit Channel Letters

Take advantage of over 35 years of engineering experience and marketing expertise to bring your dream signs to life. We design, install, and maintain lighted dimensional letters, ensuring a hassle-free ownership experience for you.

Book a free consultation to discuss your channel letter sign with a Chicago-based signage expert.

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