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Outdoor digital signs can propel sales up to 30%, surveys have found. In a nutshell, they are effective, and that’s why they are always being installed at businesses across Chicago. If you are thinking of getting digital signs for your business, you need to read this.

We’ll discuss the six things you must look for in a digital signage partner.

6 Things You Must Look for in a Company That Builds Outdoor Digital Signs

Wide Range of Outdoor Digital Signs for Business

There is a wide range of electronic signs, such as digital menu boards, LED neon signs, and more. Ensure you work with a signage partner that offers a wide range of signs so you can find ones that suit your business’s needs.

Choice is essential not just for aesthetics, it’s important for value too. You shouldn’t have to pay for a sign you don’t need.

Digital Signage Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Your outdoor digital signs for business must be designed to fit your needs. Whether you need a large or small electrical sign or an indoor or outdoor sign, you should have the option to customize them.

Make sure your sign company has the resources to personalize signs for your needs. For instance, we spend time with our customers figuring out the right size, the type of message they want to display, electrical requirements, and more.

Expert Designers to Design Your Electrical Signs

Just because it can display videos and images doesn’t mean your sign will be effective from the get-go. You need to design the trim around the sign, fit it into your space, and personalize the sign itself. An experienced team will sit with you to understand your branding and business and create custom designs.

All-in-One Lighted Signs and Software

The software is the backbone of any effective lighted sign. A digital menu board is not any better than a static sign if it’s impossible for you to change the sign.

Confirm that the software your sign company provides is user-friendly and allows you to manage the sign exactly as you want to. Check things like:

1. Is it compatible with your existing systems?

2. Can you change graphics easily?

3. Do you need outside assistance to manage the sign?

4. Will you have to pay for any additional software?

Training for You and Your Staff

If you’re to maximize your sign’s potential, your staff needs to be comfortable handling it. It’s vitally important that your sign company provides training for your staff at the outset. Ongoing training or refresher courses on how to manage the software and the sign can also prolong its lifespan and advertising potential.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Signs such as LED neon signs can operate for up to 30,000 hours before needing to be changed. So, while the LEDs may not need replacing, getting routine maintenance and checks is advisable for ensuring the health of your sign. It can help identify small issues before they become bigger problems and keep your sign performing like new.

Go-To Partner for Outdoor Digital Signs

With an end-to-end signage experience and a wide range of signs and styles, it’s no wonder Windy City Signs and Graphics is the go-to company for digital signage solutions. Talk to us about your needs with a Chicago-based professional today.

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