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Printing vinyl cart wraps in Chicago

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You know this already—reaching new audiences is neither easy nor cheap. That’s why you need a vinyl sign company that can help you maximize your budget and make your signage experience seamless.

In this blog, we’ll look at the six questions you need to ask to find a vinyl sign company that can deliver the signs and value you expect.

6 Questions That Will Help You Find the Ideal Vinyl Sign Company

1. How Much Experience Do They Have in Vinyl Printing?

Experience speaks volumes when it comes to sign-making. You need a company that has a proven track record in creating all types of vinyl wall wraps and vinyl window decals.

Don’t be shy about asking about their portfolio and the successful projects they’ve completed. Experience makes a real difference to sign quality, the service you can expect, and the services the company provides.

2. Can the Vinyl Sign Company Customize Signs for You?

Your business is unique, and your vinyl signs should reflect that. Check if the signage company can customize vinyl wraps and signs to suit your exact needs. That can mean altering the design, size, and shape of the sign.

Customized signs are better ambassadors for your brand, which is why you should do your due diligence. If your signage partner doesn’t offer customization, it’s time to look elsewhere.

3. What Kind of Materials and Vinyl Printing Technologies Do They Use?

The quality of the vinyl and the printing methods they use will directly affect the durability and appeal of your sign. At Windy City Signs and Graphics, for instance, we only use high-quality materials from reputable companies for our indoor and vehicle wraps.

Our team also uses fade-resistant inks and digital printing for crisp images and long-lasting signs.

4. Is Your Vinyl Sign Company Familiar With Local Regulations?

If you’re installing signs outdoors, you most likely need a permit for them from the city. It’s a good idea to check if your signage partner has experience assisting with city applications.

Their expertise with local rules will ensure a smoother experience (and can potentially save you from a hefty fine!).

5. What Are Their Reviews and Testimonials Like?

A reputed partner should have a long list of satisfied customers willing to vouch for them. Ask for testimonials and references of past clients to understand what they found good (and what they didn’t). Online resources like Google Reviews and Facebook are also good proof points. Read the kinds of reviews people have left and if there are any concerns.

6. What Do Their Pricing and Charges Look Like?

If you are going to plan your budget effectively, you need to understand the company’s pricing. Ask about per-unit pricing for vinyl window decals and vinyl wall wraps, additional charges for labour, installation, and more. Inquire about payment terms, too, such as how much upfront deposit they expect and what credit period you have.

Go-To Partner for Vinyl Wraps

With a 5-star rating on Google Reviews, our track record speaks for itself, but are we the right partner for you? Book a free consultation and speak to an experienced signage professional. Get all the answers you need and find out why we’re the go-to company for everything from vehicle wraps to indoor graphics.

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