Build Confidence with Office Door Signs For Your Business

Frosted office door signs

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The office isn’t just a space, it’s “a place for collaboration, creativity, and learning,” says HBR. We’re inclined to agree with that. The more obvious things, like the paintwork and furniture, receive the most attention; but even the not-so-obvious things can make a difference. Things like office door signs are the minor detail that can make all the difference between a failed sale and a deal closed.

Find out how you can use office door signs to build confidence in the minds of clients, and what are the different signs you can get.

3 Ways Office Door Signs Help You Build Confidence

Here are three ways door signs can help you make a great impression on visitors and employees.

1. Present a Professional Image for Your Office

Things such as reception signage and office door signs are some of the first visual touchpoints of your brand. They will tell your clients the kind of interaction they can expect. Neat, smart signage can bolster the impression of a reputable business, while a note scribbled on a piece of paper will do you no favors.

It’s why law firms, healthcare providers, and most service-based businesses take care to install branded door signs at the office. Not only do they look smart, but door signs also convey a sense of permanence.

2. Enhance Decor and Ambiance

Office door signs are a great way to improve the existing decor and transform the ambiance of the office. Personalized signs, especially, go a long way to making your space your own and differentiating you from dozens of businesses in Chicago.

If you work with a full-service sign company like Windy City Signs and Graphics, personalizing signs for your space is easy. We build everything from engraved office door signs to contemporary door name plates, meaning you are sure to find signs to suit your decor.

3. Show Visitors Directions Around the Office

Office signage is vital for showing employees and visitors the way around the office. Things like labeling doors may seem minor to you, but it’ll demonstrate attention to detail to your clients. ADA office door signs demonstrate that the business cares for visitors with disabilities, too, and will make visitors more welcome.

What Type of Office Door Signs for the Business Should You Get?

No two spaces are alike, and you need to get door signs that reflect your decor and brand. Here are a few door signs you can choose from:

  • Acrylic signs– Get the glass look at an affordable price.
  • Changeable letters – Change the door name plate easily and in minutes.
  • Engraved office door signs – Classic signs that are usually made of metal or wood.
  • Door numbers – Simple door numbers made of metal, foam, or acrylic.
  • Lighted signs – LED illuminated door signs (optionally with changeable lighting).

Not sure what type of office door signs you should get for your Chicago office? Book a free consultation to discuss signage for your business.

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