Using Monument Signs to Represent Your Business

Monument sign for business

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You know this already–anything and everything can affect your brand and your business. If a single social media post that a user scrolls past in a second can make your business’s image, a poorly designed sign that people see day after day certainly can.

Make no mistake, perception matters; a survey found that 77% of people will recommend a business if they have a positive perception of it. That’s where monument signs come in.

Making the All-Important First Impression with Monument Signs

People will form an impression of your business in a split second which is why getting the first impression just right is so important. Attractive monument sign design allows you to do just that, leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Monuments are some of the customizable signs around, so put your best foot forward. It’s better to have “over the top” monument ideas than ones that will fade into the background: team colors, finishes, fonts, and mounting options for an eye-catching sign. Monument LED signs are another great option to attract attention during evening hours.

Providing a Cohesive Experience

Customers today expect a cohesive, wholesome experience whether they are dealing with a multi-billion dollar business or a local business. That expectation extends also to the business’s branding and premises.

Monument signs help complete that perception when they are designed appropriately. With a large selection of materials and finishes to choose from, it’s easy to create monument sign designs that match your establishment’s exterior and branding.

Think brand consistency doesn’t make that much of a difference? Think again: cohesive branding has been shown to grow revenues by up to a third.

Making a Statement in Your Community

Custom monument signs are a substantial investment for any business–in terms of expense, effort, and long-term commitment. They are large signs, too, making them one of the most impactful forms of advertising you can get for your business (aside from, say, TV and radio ads).

Monuments send a clear message to the community that yours is a business that’s in it to win it. It’s a powerful statement about your business’s intentions, one that’s looking to lay roots in the long term.

Sending a Message of Solidity

By their very nature and size, custom monument signs exude a sense of solidity and permanence. There is a general sense that any business that has installed a monument is looking to become an integral part of the community. If you are looking for monument sign ideas, consider classic materials such as wood, metal, or stone for your sign. These convey a sense of permanence and have the added benefit of being relatively maintenance-free.

Work With a Leading Company for Monument Signs in Chicago

Monument LED signs are specialized signs that require careful planning, design, and implementation. You need a team that can guide you throughout the lifecycle of the sign, including with things like city permits, and installation.

Book a free consultation to discuss monument signs in Chicago with an experienced professional today. We’ll show you the different types of signs you can get, tell you about costs, and help you find the right one for your business.

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