6 Ways to Use Custom Acrylic Signs

The Power Company Acrylic Lobby Signs for Business in Chicago, IL

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Acrylic signs for businesses are some of the most customizable signs you can get in Chicago. You can personalize everything from the acrylic finish color to the message and the graphics.

While acrylic signs are versatile and have more than seven uses for your business, here are some of our favorites:

1. Lobby Signs

If you want to make a strong first impression on visitors without breaking the bank, acrylic lobby signs are hard to beat. They hit the sweet spot in affordability, customizability, and stunning appearance.

Acrylic lobby signs can be a great showcase for your business’s branding (such as your logo and business name) or your products and services. If you work with a full-service signage company, they can offer tips and tricks for the design too.

2. Portfolio Walls

Whether you’re looking to display photographs, the company history, or major milestones you’ve hit over the years, acrylic signs are a great option.

Acrylic office signs are available in a wide range of sizes, mounting options, and finishes, letting you personalize them to suit your decor. Our customers use them to create “portfolio walls” and get the art gallery look without a lot of hassle.

3. Directories

One of the most popular uses for acrylic office signs at larger establishments is directory signs. Acrylic signage is great for clear, legible signage while adding visual appeal to the space.

Another reason why businesses opt for acrylic is that it’s durable. Our signs can withstand minor knocks, don’t yellow under artificial lighting (because of special UV-treated acrylic), and be cleaned regularly without worrying about scratches.

4. Room and Acrylic Door Signs

Once you’ve guided visitors to the correct location, you need to tell them which room to enter. Acrylic is a popular choice for room signs because it offers a premium glass look with none of the fragility.

You can install an acrylic door sign on the wall next to the door or on the door itself. Some of our customers even opt for accent lighting in the sign, which really makes them pop during evening hours.

5. Menu Boards

This is a relatively recent trend, but restaurants, bakeries, and cafes have started using custom acrylic signs as menu boards. There are a couple of ways you can design signs:

  • Background and text are printed on the same sign.
  • Transparent signs with lettering that uses the wall behind as the background for a cool three-dimensional effect.

6. Trophies

Acrylic has long been the material of choice for trophies and awards. Whether you want a traditional oval shape (with a stand) or a completely custom shape, you can achieve it with acrylic sheets.

And, we’ll say it once again, custom acrylic signs look like glass and have a great feel in the hand, making them the perfect material for trophies.

That wasn’t easy, and we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of how our customers use their signs! If you’d like to learn how else you can use acrylic signs, get in touch with a signage expert in Chicago today.

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