Innovative Fleet Wrap Solutions for Modern Business Advertising

Commercial fleet wraps installed by Windy City Signs and Graphics in Chicago

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Your fleet of vehicles is already a huge asset for your business. Make it more valuable by adding vehicle graphics and wraps that can get your branding in front of hundreds or thousands of people per day. The best part about fleet wraps is that they only advertise where your vehicles drive and park.

For most businesses, that means you reach truly local people, those who can really purchase from your business. However, in order to do that, your fleet graphics need to stand out on the road and make your brand feel professional—both of which call for design skills. At Windy City Signs and Graphics, our designers can help you accomplish this goal. You can also consider the ideas and strategies that we offer below.

Silhouettes in Black and White

One way to keep your wrap bold but classy is to have only black and white colours on your vehicle. You can add silhouettes or landscapes, people, or products to add interest without having too many busy colors. Keeping it black and white is a good way to display simple yet innovative designs.

Cute Character Designs

Those brands that have mascots (or could benefit from one) can place images of them on their truck. Your charming character will thus likely get the attention of your target audience—or the children of your target audience—who are sitting in the car on the road along with your vehicles.

Green Grass Designs

When working with landscapers, gardeners, and other outdoor businesses, we often add an image of grass to the vehicle. It makes the vehicle stand out while keeping consistent with the theme of the company. The grass is a great backdrop for other images, too.

Modern, Minimalist Looks

You don’t really need to add a lot of detail to get a vehicle wrap that stands out. In fact, some of the best designs are made of just two contrasting colors: the company’s logo and some details (such as arrows, lines, or something similar). Keeping the design minimalist helps it look more professional, and it can also reflect a high-end brand very well.

Half and Half Designs

When you want a busy, creative design, one of the best things you can do is to place it on the back of the vehicle, while making the front simpler, with less text. This way, you get the benefit of the fun design, but keep your branding clear, too.

Commercial Wraps and Graphics in Chicago

At Windy City Signs and Graphics, our designers can help you get the attractive, professional wraps or graphics you need to make each of your commercial vehicles stand out on the road. It’s a highly cost-effective way to get advertising, especially truly local advertising. Reach out to us today to discuss your design ideas.

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