Custom Channel Letters For Outdoor Advertising

Custom 3D sign of Venue West in Chicago

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Are you looking for a way to make a statement with your signage? Trying to figure out how to create a lasting impression on customers? Consider custom channel letters! These signs are one of the best ways to ensure that your sign company stands out from the crowd.

These 3D signs use individual letters or shapes to display a business’s message or logo. They’re made of high-quality and durable materials such as metal or plastic and can hold up against harsh weather conditions. They are often sued for restaurants, hotels, and storefronts, but any business looking to stand out should take the time to learn about them!

The letters are cut or shaped from the desired material, backed with a translucent material, and are then illuminated depending on the desire of the business. The letters are customizable too, which means companies can get creative with font, size, and colour.

But how should a business implement the signage effectively? Here are some amazing creative ideas for your channel letters!

  1. Invest in Lighted Letters

Show off your brand name or logo through front-lit or backlit channel letters. There are several ways to light up your signage and all options have their own advantages. Either way, it makes for a look that is instantly recognizable.

2. Go Big

Choose a font that is clear to read but also readable from a distance. When it’s large enough to be seen from a distance, you can rest assured that you’re going above and beyond when reaching an audience.

3. Highlight Your Message

If you want to let your audience know about a sale or promotion, channel letters can help get the message across. No matter what the message is, use bright colors to grab people’s attention.

4. Add Depth

Layering your letters will allow your sign to stand out and create a more engaging piece of signage for your audience. It will give you an extra edge over your competitors.

5. Embrace Your Area

Complement your building’s aesthetic and environment by being sure to format your sign in the same type of style. Consider historical looks or modern looks depending on your location. It makes a difference!

Your Trusted Channel Letter Sign Company

Windy City Signs & Graphics is your go-to signage partner for lighted letters. We make sure that all the projects we complete are durable and attention-grabbing, making them worth the investment.

During the consultation process, we take the time to learn about your project to ensure that your design gets done perfectly. We provide a seamless process that clients can look forward to, and give them an inside look at their project from beginning to end so they can feel at ease.

Owning a business means always finding ways to get ahead of the game. That’s where signage comes in. It’s a traditional marketing method that continues to prove itself time and time again. So don’t waste time! Contact us so that we can get started on your custom channel letters!

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