Why Should I Choose Business Signs?

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Custom business signs encompass both exterior and interior business signs that promote a brand and its products and services. Exceptional and hardwearing commercial signs boost your marketing efforts. These highly valuable assets bring short-term and long-term benefits to your brand.

Windy City Signs & Graphics is a sign company based in Chicago specializing in strategically designing, fabricating, and installing interior and exterior business signs worth every penny. From acrylic business signs to metal business signs, we do them all. The cost of business signs varies depending on the type, size, materials, and more.

Types of Business Signs in Chicago

Some traditional advertising methods, such as corporate signs, are still proven to be effective these days, especially for brick-and-mortar establishments. These visual communication mediums give your business several advantages, depending on what type of sign you choose, what materials are utilized, how they are installed, and so on. Windy City Signs & Graphics specializes in a wide array of corporate signs for you to choose from. Here are a few of them that you might want to consider investing in:

  • Illuminated business signs: Enjoy the benefits of round-the-clock advertising with lighted signs. At Windy City Signs & Graphics, we offer several illumination styles and types for you to choose from, depending on your budget, marketing goals, and business needs.
  • Post signs: If you’re looking for a straightforward and traditional type of signage, go with post signs. With their interchangeable letterings or digital displays, you have the option to update the design or message that you want to communicate with your audience. 
  • Pylon signs: If you want to stand out from other establishments, invest in pylon signs which have a minimum height of 12 feet. These free-standing signs are installed in front of major highways and to grab the attention of motorists.
  • Channel letters: These three-dimensional lighted signs are highly popular among Chicago entrepreneurs because of their professional and attractive appeal. You can choose between open-face, front-lit, backlit, and combination sign styles that match your branding strategy.
  • Awnings: Promote your brand while protecting customers from different weather elements with awning signs. These are affixed at the top portion of storefront entrances and windows for that charming and exquisite look.
  • Directional signs: Don’t let customers feel frustrated when they cannot find unfamiliar areas or items they want to purchase at your store. By providing sufficient wayfinding cues and information, you’re demonstrating that the brand cares about every customers’ satisfaction.
  • Digital displays: These high-resolution displays are perfect avenues for showing your latest video advertisements and impressive slideshows. When strategically installed, these reduce wait times and positively influence your customers’ purchase behaviors.
  • Reception signs: When customers enter your establishment, they need to feel reassured that they made the right decision in choosing your brand. Having high-quality reception signs demonstrate your professionalism and dependability. Besides your official trademark, you can also showcase your company’s history, house rules, mission vision, and more.
  • Blade signs: If your store, shop, or facility is located in busy streets or is surrounded by lots of competitors, investing in blade signs will give your brand the attention it deserves. These are perpendicularly attached to a surface above eye-level for maximum visibility.

Best Business Signs Near Me 

Windy City Signs & Graphics is your long-term Chicago partner for all your signage needs. Talk to one of our business sign experts to learn more about our exceptional sign solutions and why they are worth every penny. 

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