Why Every Business Should Have Lobby Signs

Custom indoor lobby sign by Windy City Signs & Graphics in Chicago

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Lobby signs, especially premium ones, can cost thousands of dollars, so it’s vital to understand the value they will provide. After all, you don’t want to invest in something that’s not going to deliver the ROI you expect.

Find out why you should get office signs for the entrance and how they’ll pay for themselves over the long term.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Lobby Signs

1. Make a Strong First Impression and Improve Your Chances of Making the Sale

A FedEx survey found that 76% of American shoppers admit to entering a business because a sign caught their eye; 68% say they would make a purchase based on the strength of the business’s signage.

Reception signage, waiting area signs, and door signs are some of the first things visitors will see at your establishment, which is why you need to make the right first impression.

2. Enhance and Refresh Your Decor

Most people just think of paintwork and furniture when it comes to decor, but there’s another equally important thing you have to consider–lobby logo signs and office signs. Customized signs are integral to your office decor, and offer an easy way to make your space your own. Signs such as acrylic lobby signs offer a premium look at an affordable price.

3. Don’t Alienate Customers

More than 1 in 10 Americans identify as living with mobility, cognitive, hearing, or visual disabilities. That means you could be alienating a significant portion of your customer base by not installing ADA-compliant signage in the office.

High-contrast, ADA reception signage is vital for ensuring all visitors have a pleasant experience when they visit your establishment.

4. Place Strategic Advertising

Researchers have found signage at the entrance is effective at maximizing “recall, recognition, brand familiarity, and a purchase intention.” That said, advertising in the lobby needs to be done carefully—you want to make sure it is done tastefully to create a good first impression.

There are also a variety of advertising lobby signs that allow you to interact with customers. Things like video walls are great for eye-catching messages, while even matrix displays can be used.

5. Share the Story Behind Your Business

Acrylic lobby signs are great to boost your brand but there are some other effective ways of sharing the business’s story and building a loyal customer base. Lobby signs can also work well with wall murals and other signage in your reception area:

  • Create portfolio walls.
  • Share major milestones and achievements.
  • Introduce key team members.
  • Highlight past projects.

For instance, some of our customers install skyline graphics at offices to show the cities where they have offices.

Find the Right Lobby and Logo Signs for You

Signs are an investment, and they need to deliver value for the business. Talk to us to find out what lobby signs you should get for your Chicago business for maximum ROI.

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