Why Custom Signs Are An Investment You Can Trust

Outdoor Led Business Signage

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Is getting custom signs for your business worth the expense and effort you’ll have to put into them? Studies by the Signage Foundation have shown that modern signs can measurably add to sales.

A FedEx survey found that 76 percent of American shoppers are more likely to visit a business because of its signs, and 68 percent will make a purchase because of attractive signage.

Custom signs are a proven tool for maximizing return on investment and enhancing the bottom line. In this article, we’ll explore how you can use signs to maximize their value.

Target Your Local Audience

When 85 percent of your customer base is located within 5 miles of your business, you need to cater to local tastes. Targeted design and messaging will speak to your audience directly.

Install custom signs outdoors to display meaningful, eye-catching content in your community. Instead of generic billboards, personalize ads for buyers to maximize lead generation.

Stay True to Your Branding with Custom Signs for Businesses

A lot of small and mid-sized business owners don’t pay heed to their branding. That can be a costly mistake because your brand – logo, business name, colors, etc. – are valuable pieces of intellectual property. If you don’t use them consistently, it becomes easier for others to copy them.

With custom signs, achieving consistency in design is easy. Custom metal signs allow you to display the design, fonts, and colors you want. Custom LED signs, too, are ideal for vibrant, brand-accurate colors.

Customize Your Signs for Conversions

Marketing campaigns will rarely showcase the same promotions everywhere. A middle-of-funnel leads campaign may be broad strokes, while a price-based promotion would be a great way to attract bottom-of-funnel leads.

Personalized designs and custom LED signs to help you engage with buyers at different stages of the buyer journey.

Make an Impact with Eye-Catching Designs

Office spaces and main streets are busy, competitive spaces. Every business is fighting for its share of attention, and it really is a case of the survival of the fittest. If your marketing campaign is to make a mark, it must be eye-catching.

Custom metal signs are one of the boldest ways of making an impression on potential customers. Not sure what designs will be most effective? Discuss your signage needs with an experienced team.

Maximize Your Return on Investment

Magazine ads and TV spots are only effective as long as you keep piling on the dollars to keep them running. That may be feasible for an enterprise-level organization, but mid-sized and small businesses can’t afford to keep it up long enough for it to make an impact.

Customized outdoor signage like vinyl banners and billboards offer over six times the value traditional advertising can. Forget how much a custom sign costs; start growing your sales!

Supercharge Your Marketing with Custom Signs Outdoors

You can stop wondering, “How much does a custom sign cost?” and talk to us. We help all types of businesses maximize their marketing spending. Our team designs all kinds of outdoor advertising signage, storefront signs, and more.

You’ll work with an experienced team that will help you design custom signs in Chicago. Talk to us today.

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