What are the Best Indoor Signs for Businesses?

Custom Indoor Signage for Business in Chicago, IL

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There are many types of marketing tools that will bring people to your business. Your social media channels, print ads, radio ads, and other tactics have the power to compel prospects to visit your location. However, once they arrive, indoor signs within your facility can help ensure their experience is a great one.

If you’re looking for the best interior sign options, consider the suggestions below. They will help improve your indoor spaces and create a welcoming environment for guests.

Lobby Signs

When guests step inside your facility, signage in your lobby is likely the first thing they will see. While blank walls won’t offer much in terms of a warm welcome, lobby signs offer many benefits.

A large company logo on your wall can help showcase your brand and alert customers that they’ve arrived at the right location. You can also use lobby signage to share more details about your brand such as its history, awards, and other information. In an unstaffed lobby, personalized indoor signs can also provide directions by advising guests to take a seat, complete paperwork, or take another desired action.

Wayfinding Signs

After guests depart from your lobby, hanging signs, ceiling signs, and floor signs can help them find their way. These indoor signs for business will make it easy for customers to move through your facility. This is especially important for first-time visitors who may not know which way to turn. Guests will be sure to notice your helpful signage, which can positively impact their opinions of your company.

Door Signs

As guests move through your business you can help identify rooms you want them to enter (or rooms to avoid) using door signs. This type of signage can be helpful for employees too in order to identify break rooms, meeting rooms, and other spaces they need. This signage may sound simple, but you can add flair and branding through personalized indoor signs that reflect your brand.

ADA Signs

The key to wayfinding signs, bathroom signs, and other types of indoor signs for business is to ensure compliance with guidelines set out in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA signs can help ensure that individuals of all abilities are able to navigate through your business. This type of signage includes considerations for fonts, colors, placement, and more factors in order to abide by the regulations

Contact Windy City Signs and Graphics for Custom Indoor Signs in Chicago, IL

To get started with any (or all) of the above types of signage in Chicago, IL, reach out to Windy City Signs and Graphics. Our team can help you select the best interior signs to suit your specific business needs. Our process is fulsome, including support through all phases of the signage process.

We also offer custom indoor signs for a personalized touch. You can add style to your interior spaces and create additional touchpoints for your company with branded signs. To get started with a free consultation on indoor signs, contact our team today!

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