Vinyl Signs: Finding Space for Large Ideas

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Custom vinyl signs are versatile visual communication tools. They allow you to maximize existing assets and available space in your establishment. Paint can be used to create murals for businesses, such as advertisements and wall decorations. However, painted signs need plenty of time, money, and energy to complete. But thanks to technology, large wall designs can be digitally drafted and laser printed on special types of vinyl. 

Transform Your Chicago, IL Establishment with Vinyl Signs 

Do you have large blank walls or floors inside or outside your establishment? You can use them to showcase the following:

  • Company history: Share the journey of your business, from its humble beginnings to where it is now. In doing so, customers will feel more connected to your brand. You can include accolades, awards, and other accomplishments to display your capabilities and expertise.
  • Branding elements: One tactic used by successful marketers is to affect the brand preferences of their target audience with subliminal messaging. Small and subtle branding design elements on your walls can make this happen.
  • Product or service advertisements: Blank walls and floors offer valuable real estate within your business. With vinyl signage, you can use them to showcase some of the most popular items on your menu. You can also spotlight specific products and services associated with your brand.
  • Impressive artwork: Ambiance plays a significant role in a customer’s experience. More than your furniture and fixtures, custom vinyl signs offer a means to feature creative designs that ignite positive feelings. Boosting your social media presence and foot traffic is another benefit. People often choose to visit places that are “picture-worthy.” They love sharing these photos online, which can expose your business to potential customers.
  • Wayfinding cues: Show customers that your company cares about their safety and convenience. You can use vinyl signage to create directional and room identification signs. This can help customers when they’re looking for certain areas, items, or individuals in your business.

Where to Get High-Quality Vinyl Signs?

At Windy City Signs & Graphics, we look forward to being your signage partner in Chicago, IL. We produce a variety of visual communication solutions, such as custom vinyl signs. We use quality materials to create full-color and long-lasting signs. We also pride ourselves in having well-trained installers who make sure your signs are free of bubbles, ripples, and rips.

During the design process, we incorporate your vision and branding to improve your signs’ efficacy. We can even conduct on-site assessments to have a better perspective of the areas or surfaces you plan on having the signs affixed.

If you’re looking for vinyl signs for your business location, call us today for a free quote!

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