Types of Attractive Custom Wayfinding Signs for Business

Custom Wayfinding Signs for Business in Chicago

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As a customer, imagine your first time entering a business. You may not be familiar with the layout of the facility or where to find what or whom you’re looking for. In fact, you are likely to look around for signage that will point you in the right direction.

This type of signage is known as a wayfinding sign. It can offer a helping hand in many types of businesses, from clinics to gyms, offices, and retail stores. As a business owner, your customers and guests will be sure to recognize that you’ve gone the extra mile to help them out. This will result in a more positive customer experience, which is paramount for your company’s success.

Below are five types of wayfinding business signs to consider.

1. Custom Directional Signs

This type of signage will show guests the way and help them navigate through your facility. In busy areas, this signage is key when it comes to helping with the flow of foot traffic. Custom directional signs can be strategically placed on the walls, floors, or hung from the ceiling. No matter their placement, a personalized approach will keep the signage consistent with your branding for a cohesive look throughout your business.

2. Door Signs

Door signs are a type of wayfinding signage that helps label areas of your business. It can advise customers, guests, and employees of rooms where they’re permitted access and rooms where they are not. These signs are designed to be eye-catching and can be made from a variety of materials to tie into your facility’s interior.

3. Lobby Signs

Lobby signs may be the first thing people see when they arrive at your business. This type of wayfinding signage can take on many forms. Your lobby sign could be a large business logo that showcases your brand, or it could be an LED sign that provides helpful information to guests. Perhaps you’d like guests to take a seat, fill out some paperwork, or perform another action when they enter. Signage in your lobby can help provide this direction.

4. ADA Signs

ADA signs will help people of all abilities to navigate through your building safely. Signage that is ADA compliant follows guidelines in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). By following these guidelines, you can create ADA-compliant wayfinding business signs such as bathroom signs and room identification signs. In addition to compliance, adhering to the guidelines will assist with inclusivity in your business.

5. Office Signs

There are many more types of office signs that can assist with wayfinding. For example, outdoor signs can offer information to guests from the moment they pull up, ensuring that their positive experience starts the moment they arrive. From there, directory signs can be placed at building entrances to list tenants in shared facilities. These will provide a sense of direction when guests step inside and reaffirm that you care about their experience.

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