Tips to Help You Choose the Right Vinyl Sign Shop for Your Business

Vinyl door signs of Green Associates designed by Chicago Signs and Graphic

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Smudged signs, wrinkled vinyl, delayed delivery, inflated invoices – those are just a few things that can sour your signage experience. And with dozens of vinyl sign shops near you, it can be incredibly difficult to find one that will deliver the quality and value you expect.

Stop the guesswork! In this article, we’re going to tell you how you can find the right vinyl signs and banners shop for your needs. (Hint: Don’t just go with any shop that pops up on Google, do your research.)

6 Things That Will Help You Find the Right Vinyl Sign Shop

Signage businesses may all seem alike, but that’s definitely not the case! Some outsource their work, others do everything in-house; some just sell standard designs, and others customize signs precisely for your needs. These six tips will help cut through the sales pitch and find a vinyl sign maker that delivers value.

1. They Produce the Signs You Need

Seems obvious, sure, but you have to first make sure the signage company produces the vinyl signs you need. There are dozens of types of signs, everything from vinyl wall murals to car decals, and you need to be sure the company can deliver.

Check the website and speak to their team to find out if they print the graphics you need.

2. Outsourcing Work is Fine, But…

It’s normal for sign companies to outsource some of their work to specialists, but you need to make sure that doesn’t lead to poor quality signs and slow delivery.

Be upfront about outsourcing and get assurances about delivery timelines and quality control.

3. Experience Counts

Not every vinyl sign shop will have many years in the business, but that doesn’t mean you should be okay with leaving your signs to amateurs. You need a team that will guide you (not the other way around) through the signage process and deliver quality products.

For instance, the father-son team that founded Windy City Signs and Graphics brings over 30 years of rich experience and is passionate about customer service.

4. One Point of Contact

The last thing you want to be doing is juggling phone numbers to have your needs heard–it’s important you have a single point of contact at the vinyl sign maker. That’ll make it easier to hold them accountable and ensure more consistent service during the project lifecycle.

5. Not Just Standard Templates

This may seem obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many “full-service” sign shops just use the same templates for all of their signs. Ask point blank about their signage process and if they will design unique signs for your business.

6. Be Upfront About Your Budget

Don’t be shy about your budget–tell the vinyl sign shop how much you want to spend rather than beating around the bush. When the signage team knows your budget, they can recommend signs that maximize marketing value.

Here’s Why Small, Mid-Sized, and Large Businesses Turn to Our Vinyl Sign Shop

Here’s why: we never cut costs for cut-price signs or a shoddy customer experience. Expect professional services and premium vinyl signs and banners that help you generate leads whenever you work with us. Book a free consultation to discuss vinyl wall murals, car wrap, tradeshow signs, and more.

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