Things to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Business Sign

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Outdoor signs are in a more demanding environment than your indoor signs. They need to handle sun and rain, they need to compete with other signs, and they need to catch attention above all else. They need to balance personality and practicality. How do you get the right sign for you? Let the experts show you what you should consider when choosing outdoor business signs.


All signs that will be outside need to resist rain and wind. Don’t forget that the sun can also fade signs, especially temporary signs, so it is important to pick a quality material that will help the sign last as long as you need it to. They need to be securely mounted (if they will be mounted) and made from water-resistant materials.

Temporary or Permanent

You can get temporary and permanent outdoor business signage. Permanent signs are ideal for branding purposes because your branding rarely changes. Think channel letter signs, awning signs, and monument signs. Temporary signs can help you attract short-term attention for openings, signs, and events. Think flag signs, banners, and post and panel signs.

Lighted Sign or Standard

Should you light up your exterior sign? Lit signs can get much more attention, especially at night. And, even if you’re not open very late at night, it’s a good idea to still promote your business to anyone who drives or walks by. Lighted signs make a bigger impact, which is why many permanent signs like channel letter signs are always lit.


There are many different placement options for your outdoor business signage. Some mount directly to your building, like window graphics, channel letter signs, and more. Others are movable and flexible, like sandwich board signs and post and panel signs. Still more are permanently affixed but not to your building, such as pole signs.

Budget Needs

Of course, you will want to take your budget into consideration when choosing your sign type. Your sign designers can help you choose a sign that meets your needs and is still within your budget. There are more affordable materials, lighting options, and other decisions you can make to get the most from your signs without breaking your budget.

Your Outdoor Signage Company in Chicago

At Windy City Signs and Graphics, we are dedicated to being your complete outdoor signage company in Chicago. We have a wide range of signs to choose from, and our experts are always happy to help. Reach out to us today.

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