How to Choose the Best Channel Letters Signs for Your Message

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Storefront Channel letters are highly popular among entrepreneurs because of their many custom options. Each letter, character, and number is individually fabricated and affixed on a surface. These three-dimensional lighted signs are commonly used at storefronts to introduce a brand. They can even encourage passersby to check out your products and services up close. Since they are illuminated, they will also give you round-the-clock advertising. However, unlike other types of advertisements, they don’t have additional costs for specific airtimes, durations, and number of impressions.

What are the Types of Channel Letter Signs?

These signs have four categories, namely:

  • Front-lit: This is the most common type. Each letter or character has a hollow interior where the light source passes through. The face of the signage is covered with a translucent material that matches or complements the color of illumination.
  • Backlit: The light source is attached at the back portion of each signage element, allowing the illumination to bounce off the walls. This creates an impressive halo effect that is hard to miss.
  • Front and backlit: If you want to bring plenty of attention to your establishment and create a lasting impact on passersby, invest in combination storefront channel letters. As the name suggests, this combines both illumination styles to create a dramatic and showstopping sign that will put your business on the map.
  • Open face: For business owners who want to have a retro-style sign, opt for open face channel letters. These expose the hollow interior and light source of each letter, creating a cool, old-school appeal and mimicking the appearance of neon lights.

What are the Top Channel Letters in Chicago?

There is no singular type of channel letter signage that is superior to others. However, that doesn’t mean that you can randomly select which ones you like. As with every sign, proper strategizing is required. When choosing to invest in channel letters in Chicago, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Budget.
  • Branding requirements.
  • Exterior design.
  • Available space.
  • Goals.

Let’s say you are running an all-American diner. Your main objective is to claim the location and get the attention of motorists from several miles away. Moreover, you are flexible when it comes to the marketing budget. If that’s the case, you can invest in large format LED channel letter signs that have an open face. This will create a vintage look that’s consistent with your branding strategy.

Where to Get High-Quality Channel Letter Signs in Chicago, IL?

Windy City Signs & Graphics is a full-service sign shop in Chicago, IL that’s ready to work with you. Our commitment to excellence makes us stand out from competitors. We take pride in having a team of professionals who are passionate about sign making and customer service. We are confident that we can help you select the right design and signage type that suits your needs.

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