How Do You Make Channel Letter Signs?

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Channel letters are those large, elegant letters on the side or front of most commercial buildings. They make quite the statement, add great branding, and catch attention. Considering custom channel letters for your business is a wise move. What does it take to get channel letter signs made for your business in Chicago? The process is simpler than you might think. Here is what goes into the creation of channel letter signs.

Choosing Your Type of Sign

There are actually different kinds of channel letter signs that you can choose from. It’s all about how the signs are lit: internally, externally, or a combination of both. Here are your options:

  • Front-lit channel letter signs: Front-lit channel letter signs radiate light outward, from within the letters. The light picks up color from the acrylic of the letters. This is the most popular type of channel letter sign.
  • Back-lit channel letter signs: Back-lit signs are also called halo-lit signs because they appear to have a halo around them. The light points back at the letters, casting a shadow behind them.
  • Combination channel letter signs: You can have both of these light effects combined for one sign or a custom lighting option.

Sign Consultation

Once you’ve got an idea of what you want from your channel letter sign, it is a wise idea to schedule a consultation with your sign company. They should walk you through what’s possible with your letters and how they can achieve it. Custom channel letters can be made to match your brand exactly. Some can even include your logo and other brand elements in these signs as well.

Sign Manufacturing and Installation

Once your order is confirmed, your sign company will start to manufacture your channel letters. They have metal bodies custom shaped to match your font and most often have acrylic sheets to cover the front of the letter. This tough plastic will add color to the light of the sign. The lights are added, then each is shipped to your building to await installation.

Channel letter signs in Chicago need to be mounted very securely, as we deal with more wind than many other places. Proper installation is important to protect your signs, prevent safety hazards, and safeguard your investment in the sign.

Get Channel Letter Signs in Chicago

At Windy City Signs and Graphics, we have expert designers ready to help you make the best channel letter sign for your brand. If you need channel letters in Chicago, reach out to us today.

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