Graphic Design Chicago: Custom Graphics for Your Business

Vinyl window graphics and lettering of Arch business printed by Chicago Signs and Graphics

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One cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and attract customers to your store is to have eye-catching graphics. Graphic designs can make your business stand out from the competition and leave an impactful first impression.

For the graphics to be effective, you must ensure that it is designed to match your brand. In addition, you should work with an experienced branding agency to increase the effectiveness of the signs.

Window Graphic Design in Chicago

Custom window graphics are a convenient way of catching your audience’s attention — both inside and outside of your store — and letting them know about your brand. 

To increase brand awareness and attract more customers, use vinyl window graphics that can be cut in any shape to fit your logo or information. You can also promote a sale and catch the attention of anyone passing by your store by using static window clings that are easy to remove and reuse.

Wall Graphic Design in Chicago

Investing in wall graphic designs allows you to dress up your blank wall and build an atmosphere. Since they come in outdoor and indoor materials, you can use wall graphics and murals to promote your message or products on an exterior wall or in a lobby. 

Wall graphics are perfect for displaying the company slogan, logo, history, taglines, and even beautiful imagery that adds to your decor. Working with reliable and qualified graphic designers in Chicago can help you choose wall graphics and murals in sync with your brand.

Vehicle Graphic Design in Chicago

If your business has a designated car or a fleet, adding eye-catching graphics is an excellent way of attracting potential customers. Vehicle graphics include highly customizable vinyl stickers and lettering.

Well-designed vinyl graphics on an otherwise ordinary vehicle instantly becomes eye-catching because it is something not commonly seen every day. As such, potential customers are more likely to call or visit your store when they notice your car.

Whether considering wall graphics, window graphics, or vehicle graphic design, you should ensure they complement your business brand. Here are tips to help your graphic design boost your brand.

1. Ensure it’s functional

First of all, make sure the graphic design serves its purpose effectively. For instance, if your business is on a busy street, you can choose custom vinyl window graphics with large artwork to catch the attention of passersby.

2. Choose the right graphic design

To catch the attention of potential customers, it’s necessary to choose graphics that reflect your brand and conveniently display your products and services. 

3. Go for the graphic that properly displays your business logo

By having your brand logo on your graphic design, you will enhance the visibility of your business and be the first consideration when customers need your products or services.

Choose the Best Graphic Design Services in Chicago

Windy City Signs & Graphics’ design services will help create a long-lasting impression that will make your company stand out. Our innovative team of designers will help you develop graphics that exemplify your business.

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