Enhance Your Business’s Exposure with Monument Signs

canyon custom monument signs in Chicago, Illinois

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We receive a lot of interest in monument signs from business owners and office managers. They love how imposing the signs look and how they make the business stand out. But while they are universally loved, most people don’t fully understand what a monument sign can do for their business.

This article will explain how monument signs can help your business grow exposure and whether they are right for you.

5 Ways Outdoor Monument Signs Make Your Business Stand Out

1. Attract Attention with Customized Outdoor Monument Signs

You’ll seldom find two monument signs for businesses that look alike. That’s because you can customize the design to appeal to your customer base. We build all types of signs, including:

  • Modern monument signs
  • Stone monument signs
  • Peachtree monument signs
  • Foam monument signs

You can personalize the design, the sign face, and messaging for a truly unique sign.

2. Make Sure Your Business Gets Noticed

Modern monument signs are bold and unmissable. Whether someone’s driving past or walking by, you can be sure they’ll take notice of your sign. Illuminated monument signs can be especially powerful advertising tools during evening hours, so make sure you work with an experienced signage team to design yours. We use next-gen LEDs in our signs, which is why they’re amongst the most energy-efficient signs you’ll find.

3. Leave Lasting Impressions On Passers-By

It’s all too easy to get lost in Chicago’s competitive markets. Monument signs can help your business stand apart and make a memorable impression with potential customers.

To do that, you have to ensure your sign reflects your business to maximize your marketing efforts. An example is using a sign with a wood finish if yours is a country-themed restaurant.

You don’t have to worry about the cost of materials going through the roof either; our expert team can create virtually any finish with foam monument signs.

4. Advertise Like Never Before

Who said monuments have to be monolithic? The right monument signage design can help your business highlight promotions and tell potential customers what’s new.

We can include everything from digital LED displays to digital screens, and more in our illuminated monument signs. That means you can display snazzy visuals and change the message at the click of a button.

5. Become a Local Landmark

When you start to hear people say, “Turn right at XYZ’s sign,” you know you’ve reached the holy grail of marketing – top of mind recall. That means you’ve entered the subconscious of your customer base.

Once that happens, you can take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising, and it’ll be easier to tilt buying decisions in your favor. Make that dream a reality with prominently installed monuments.

Should You Invest in Monument Signs for Your Business?

That depends on a few things like:

  • Whether you have the space to install them.
  • How much it’ll cost you every month (if you need to rent the additional space).
  • Will the intended target audience see the signs?

Book a free on-site consultation and tell us about your signage needs today. We’ll help you answer these questions and find the ideal signs for your business. Our team assists with monument signage design and builds everything from stone monument signs to lighted monument signs.

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