Different Types of Outdoor Business Signs in Chicago

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Outdoor business signs represent your brand to the public. They reinforce your brand so that potential customers will go to you for specific products or services that they need. These also help your business claim the location and gain a competitive advantage. Those are just some general principles of what your visual communication investments can do. Different signs have different uses and selecting which ones to get can be confusing and overwhelming. To make your life easier, here is a brief overview of some of them.

  • Awnings: Multi-purpose signs have never looked this charming! Awning signs are installed on top of entrance doors and windows to cover or protect your outside customers from rain, snow, or extreme sun. At the same time, these promote your brand and make your storefront stand out from the rest.
  • Digital display panels: These are perfect for showcasing your latest video campaigns, advertisements, and teasers. Image slideshows can be featured as well. With their crisp definition and vivid colors, you can easily get the attention of passersby. Another thing that makes digital displays fantastic is the option to easily update the media as you please using a centralized control system.
  • Monument signs: If your brand wants to claim the location, establish a sense of permanence, and become a familiar name in the community, investing in monument signage might just do the trick. These are fabricated with stone, brick, and other heavy-duty materials that can stand the test of time.
  • Channel letters: These three-dimensional exterior lighted signs are commonly used as storefront signs because of their undeniable charm and professional appearance. Choose among font-lit, backlit, combination, or open face channel letter styles the suit your branding strategy.
  • Plaques and outdoor metal signs: If you’re looking for a sign type that looks respectable and has a contemporary appeal, try metal signs and plaques. Some establishments that use these are appliance centers, dental clinics, and law firms.
  • Pylon signs: Boost your brand visibility with business signs that tower over other establishments. When motorists spot your signage from a distance, they will know that they are heading in the right direction.

Things to Consider When Investing in Exterior Signs

  • Specific Needs and Goals: The type of outdoor business signage you invest in should provide solutions to your needs and expectations. For example, if you want to claim the location and establish permanence, opt for durable and long-lasting monument signs. Let’s say you want to maximize the available space on your storefront; then we suggest you try impressive vinyl window decals that advertise your latest promotional offers and seasonal discounts.
  • Budget: The cost of signs greatly varies on several things such as materials, finishes, illumination types, sizes, and shapes. However, it’s also vital that you work with an outdoor sign company that offers fairly priced sign projects or works around your financial restrictions.
  •  Local Preferences and Regulations: Before production commences, you or your outdoor signage company in Chicago must be aware of the local advertisement regulations to avoid paying fines or suffering from other legal punishments. At the same time, you must know what communication methods, trends, or styles appeal most to your target audience in the location. This way, the message you want to convey is received well.
  • Weather: Your signs must be able to withstand the outside elements for them to last long and continuously provide your company visual communication benefits for many years to come. Suppose your establishment is located in an area prone to heavy rain and winds most of the year. In that case, the materials for your signage must be water-resistant. The installation method should also be secure enough that your signs will not easily budge or get destroyed.
  • Strategic Placement: The placement of your signs must compliment your establishment’s structure and the types of customers you want to attract. For example, if you want to outshine competitors and pique the interest of your target audience from several miles away, you can invest in wayfinding signs that are installed a few meters away from your exact spot. Let’s say your store is located in a crowded place, and you’re struggling to get the attention you deserve. You can install blade signs or hanging signs that are highly visible and attractive.

Your Trusted Chicago Outdoor Sign Company

Besides deciding on the correct sign elements, picking the right sign partner is equally critical to ensure that your expectations are met. Windy City Signs & Graphics is not just your average full-service sign company. We also provide exceptional project management and customer service throughout the signage process to ensure that your questions are answered, and your concerns are addressed. Whatever your requests may be, our team will strive to provide them.

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