Custom Signage, Your Ticket to Standing Out

Custom Storefront sign for Tomo in Chicago, IL 

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Whether yours is a corner store in a Chicago suburb or your company’s name starts with “A” and ends with “-people,” you need to differentiate yourself from your peers, says HBR.

How you market your business – its values, ethos, and service – is the primary way to differentiate yourself today. That’s where custom signage can help you stand out.

Keep reading to find out how you can convey your unique value proposition to customers.

Bold Aspirations, Bold Designs

Think your customers won’t be able to tell you’ve bought a template sign from the big box store? Think again. Create bold, eye-catching designs that grab attention instead of settling for standard designs that everyone’s seen before.

Custom signs let you express your creativity and realize your vision. Do creative designs have an impact on customers? Absolutely. 76% of American shoppers visit a store on the strength of its signage.

Calls-to-Action Designed to Convert

Hook, line, and sinker,” says WordStream, a marketing tools provider, for effective calls-to-action (CTAs). We won’t go quite so far, but CTAs are what get people to engage with you.

And that’s been one of the traditional weaknesses of off-the-shelf signs: they place too little emphasis on the CTA. With indoor custom signs and custom outdoor signs, you can put your CTA front and center. Compelling, low-barrier CTAs make it easy for potential customers to pick up the phone or visit your store.

Not sure how you can do that? Talk to us today. Our team helps businesses like yours create stunning signs that generate leads.

Building Brand Loyalty Begins With Branding

One of the most fundamental principles of marketing is repetition. The more often people are exposed to a brand, the more likely they will remember it. At a certain point, people will start associating that brand as the ‘default’ business for that particular good or service.

Think “cafe,” and your mind immediately goes to Starbucks; think “tablet,” and you’ll instantly think of an iPad.

Custom signs for business allow you to achieve the same thing (admittedly, maybe not on the same scale as Starbucks or Apple). Install enough custom signs in Chicago, and you too can gain top-of-mind recall with shoppers.

Uniqueness Never Goes Unnoticed on Main Street

Think custom outdoor signs are only good for making your branding stand out? Wrong! Nearly seven out of 10 American shoppers say they’ve made purchases on the strength of a business’s signage.

Create a cohesive strategy for your indoor custom signs and outdoor custom signs for businesses to drive sales. Not all your signage has to be promotional either; ones such as acrylic custom signs are great ways to show company history and build confidence with customers.

Don’t Design Custom Signs in Chicago Without Us

At Windy City Signs & Graphics, we help businesses like yours design attractive signs that deliver real business results. Whether you’re designing outdoor banners or indoor acrylic custom signs, sit with our team to understand how to maximize the effectiveness of your signs.

Book a free consultation today to discuss your custom signage needs with an expert.

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