Custom Banners: What’s Best for Your Business?

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Custom banners are versatile, lightweight, easy to install, and cost-effective visual marketing tools. Because these signs are made from high-grade vinyl, they can be used either indoors or out. Other less common materials used to manufacture banners are crease-resistant fabric and wind-resistant mesh.

Types of Banners for Your Chicago-based Business

There are many types of banners available to suit your business. When installed in the right location, attractive banners can generate valuable leads for your company. Consider your options:

  • Step and repeat banners: These large banners feature your trademark in a repetitive pattern. They are affixed on walls to maximize the space, cover structural imperfections, and make venues more festive for events. 
  • Hanging or suspended banners: If you want to spark the interest of potential customers from afar or deliver your message in high-traffic areas effectively, opt for banners that are suspended above eye level.
  • Pole banners: These traditional banners are often found on the streets of Chicago. They are specially installed to withstand strong winds, rain, and snow.
  • Retractable banners: These roll-up banners are perfect for carrying around to different events. Since they are collapsible, you can continue to reuse them for several years.
  • Framed banners: Extend the lifespan of your banners by having them encased in durable and weather-resistant frames. They are usually installed outside large establishments such as movie theaters, supermarkets, and malls.
  • Feather banners: If you want to grab the attention of motorists and passersby, opt for feather banners. They can be used to announce store openings, seasonal greetings, and special discounts. 
  • Backwall displays: The perfect backdrop for any corporate event involves backwall displays. These incredibly tall signs beautifully showcase event sponsors, slogans, event trademarks, and more.

How are Vinyl Banners Maintained and Repaired?

Let’s say there are specific details in your banner that you want to change, such as event dates or product prices. Signage replacement is an option, but if you want something less drastic and costly, cut vinyl services will seamlessly fix the errors using expert tools and methods.

To maintain the quality of your signs, you can store them in the banner tubes or boxes that they are delivered in. Make sure to keep them in dry and cool areas as well.

Reliable Source of Custom Signs “Near Me”

Windy City Signs & Graphics is one of the best-rated manufacturers of custom business signs in Chicago. From custom decals and lobby signs to channel letters and awnings, you can count on our team to provide solutions that have a fast return on investment and produce profitable long-term results.

When it comes to business banners, we always make sure to create the best designs that not only complement your branding requirements, advertising objectives, and available space but also consider the preferences of your target audience. 

Free Banner Sign Consultation

At Windy City Signs & Graphics, we understand how overwhelming it can be to choose the right banner type, design, and installation method that matches your goals and budget. That is why we offer free consultation services to help you sort out your options and uncover your needs.

Give us a call today to get started.

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