Chicago Vehicle Wraps and Graphics: The Most Cost-Effective Advertising

Custom vinyl wraps on Windy City vehicle in Chicago, IL 

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Good news…you’ll have to spend more on marketing just to be seen by the same number of people in 2022! Wait, that doesn’t sound like good news. Like it or not, marketing budgets are back to pre-pandemic levels of 10% of revenue, meaning you will have to spend more just to keep up. Or do you?

You Won’t Believe the Value Traditional Ads DON’T Offer

TV ads, radio spots, newspaper ads, and billboards are better known for outdoor advertising, but did you know they also offer pretty poor value? At best, you’ll get a return of $15 for every 1000 views.

The ad, too, will only run for as long as you’re pumping in the advertising dollars. Unless you have a seemingly limitless marketing budget, that’s not going to be for very long.

You Won’t Believe the Ad Value Vinyl Car Wraps DO Offer

For small and medium-sized businesses, vehicle wraps in Chicago are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business. Here are the five reasons why vehicle wraps offer incredible value:

1. Millions of Impressions Every Year with Vehicle Wraps in Chicago

You can get up to 16 million views on a single-wrapped commercial vehicle every year in a metropolitan city like Chicago. For maximum impact, consider working with a professional signage company that creates eye-catching designs in addition to installing truck wraps. Experienced designers will help you team up stunning vehicle graphics with effective sales elements.

2. Reach the Right Audience at the Right Time with Vehicle Wraps

Unlike with a billboard, you aren’t stuck showing the message to the same people day after day. You can advertise in Chicago’s downtown during the day, and on the Magnificent Mile in the evening with commercial vehicle wraps. What’s more, people will notice your vehicles every time they are on the road, thus maximizing brand awareness.

3. Save Thousands of Dollars

Putting up a billboard even in one of Chicago’s less busy neighborhoods can cost upwards of $4,000 a month.

Commercial vehicle wraps, on the other hand, don’t have any recurring fees, meaning you can leave your wraps for months (or years) without racking up huge bills.

4. Start Generating Leads Like Never Before

Vinyl car wraps need more than an eye-catching design to be effective, they can be optimized for conversions. That means combining lucrative offers (think freebies, discounts, and reward points) with frictionless calls to action.

Talk to us to find out how we help businesses like yours create effective truck wraps.

5. Getting You Cash Back at Resale

You aren’t going to keep your commercial vehicles around forever. Full and partial wraps protect the body and paintwork against minor scratches and dents, making vehicles appear fresher and helping you get more of your money back when it’s time to sell.

Create Stunning Vehicle Graphics for Your Business

Brand your vehicles with full or partial wraps at one of Chicago’s leading sign companies. At Windy City Signs & Graphics, we are trusted by everyone from large logistics companies to small business owners for vehicle wraps.

Tell us about your needs and create personalized vehicle wraps for your vehicles.

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