An Ideal Vehicle Graphics & Wraps Provider for Your Business

Installing vehicle graphics in Chicago

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When they can deliver up to 50 times the ROI of TV ads, it’s no surprise businesses across Chicago are lining up to get vehicle graphics & wraps.

Most fleet managers and business owners don’t have a clear idea of which company for vehicle wraps in Chicago to work with.

This article will tell you how to identify the right sign shop for your vehicle wraps.

Does the Company Install Vehicle Wraps for Business?

Let’s get started with basics-do they install branding and advertising vehicle wraps for businesses? Many wrapping shops only take on individual projects, such as for your personal vehicle.

They may be able to design interesting graphics but may not have the marketing experience or knowledge for vehicle advertising wraps. They may also be unable to take on larger jobs that involve wrapping fleets of vehicles.

What kind of Business Wraps Do You Install?

Once you know the company does fleet wraps, you need to check if their vehicle graphics designs match your requirements. Most companies maintain a catalog of previously completed wrapping projects that give you a good understanding of their design style.

Assess the designs for how they balance branding and advertising. It’s well and good for having eye-catching custom vehicle wraps, but they’ll be of little use if they struggle at driving leads.

Get Customer References for Vehicle Graphics & Wraps

This will help you confirm whether the company has the experience it’s claiming with vehicle advertising wraps. You’ll also get first-hand insight into the quality of the wraps, any potential issues, and what kind of service you can expect.

If the sign shop can’t provide any references or is hesitant to do so, it may be a sign you need to take your business elsewhere.

Will Work Be Outsourced to a Third Party?

It’s normal for a sign shop to outsource specialized projects (such as machining a complex part for a sign) to third parties. But if it’s outsourcing key aspects of its custom vehicle wraps service, that can be a recipe for poor quality and missed deadlines.

Don’t be shy about asking if your vehicle wrapping company will be the one doing all the work? The ideal scenario will be if vehicle graphics design, printing, and graphics installation are all done in-house (like we do at Windy City Signs & Graphics) because it’ll mean the most seamless experience for you.

Ask About All the Other Little Things That Matter to You

Just like you answer all of your customers’ questions, the signage company should be happy to answer yours. Be upfront about:

  • Costs – You don’t want surprises on your invoice
  • Timelines–You don’t to be without your vehicle for too long
  • Status updates – You don’t want to be calling up every day
  • Scheduling installation–Can they meet your timeline requirements?
  • Cleaning–The sign company should clear your vehicle prior to graphic installation to ensure quality
  • Warranty – Understand what is covered and what care you will need to perform on your vehicle

An honest, open discussion is what drives a successful engagement. It’s why we offer a free consultation where you can have all your vehicle graphics & wraps questions answered! Get in touch with the leading company for vehicle wraps in Chicago today.

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