6 Reasons to Get Custom LED Signs

Custom LED Business Signage in Chicago, IL

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A person’s attention is drawn to things that are unexpected, out of the ordinary. Install a sign like this, and you can almost see people avert their eyes. Install a striking sign, and you can boost brand awareness and drive sales.

 It’s why business owners in Chicago look to LED signs for business. Learn about the six benefits of LED signs (and why you want them for your business).

6 Reasons to Get Outdoors and Indoor LED Signs

1. Customizable to the Core

Opt for custom LED signs, and you’ll unlock an incredible selection of customization options. That means you can personalize them precisely for your business’s needs, branding, and more.

Make sure you work with a full-service signage company with a fabrication shop and in-house designers. They’ll help you customize your signs and bring your vision to life.

2. Stunning Signs to Transform the Ambiance

If you’re looking to refresh your premises, indoor and outdoor LED signs may be just the thing. Combine lighting and materials to get the perfect look that suits your business. Our customers even use LED signage to provide mood lighting for the space.

Halo-lit signs are popular as entrance signs at places that want to convey a professional look, while bold, striking colors are popular at establishments such as restaurants.

3. Get the Neon Look Without the Neon Hassles

Want the classic neon look without significant energy bills or reliability headaches? That’s where LED signs for businesses shine! With flexible LED lighting, you can create virtually any shape or design.

Unlike neon tubes that are gas-filled and prone to damage, LED is durable and maintenance-free. Since LEDs produce much less heat than traditional neon signs, you can also install “neon” indoor LED signs in your lobby.

4. Changeable Signs

If you want to keep your signs looking fresh and exciting, programmable LED signs are just the thing. These allow you to change graphics and colors at the touch of a button.

There are a lot of programmable LED signs to choose from. Some allow you to change the colors of the lights; with others, you can display moving images.

5. Eco-Friendly Signs

Are you using traditional bulbs in your indoor or outdoor LED signs? You’re probably wasting thousands of dollars every year in energy costs and filling up the landfill! Modern LEDs are extremely efficient, using up to 75% less electricity than incandescent bulbs of equivalent brightness. They’re much longer-lasting, too, meaning you’ll add less e-waste to the landfill.

6. Return on Investment

Signage, especially large custom LED signs, will be a significant investment for your business. The last thing you want is a sign that, in addition to the upfront costs, have you spent thousands on recurring maintenance.

LED signs are some of the most durable signs you can get, capable of withstanding the harsh winters and blustery winds we get to experience. That means you’ll get years of hassle-free performance out of your sign and maximize the ROI you receive.

Replacing an old sign or looking for a new LED sign for your Chicago business? Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with a signage professional today.

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